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5 Benefits of securing your business remotely

5 Benefits of securing your business remotely

There are many benefits in securing your business remotely wherever you may be. This is especially helpful for those who travel a lot for work and would like a peace of mind in knowing that their business is in good hands through remote monitoring features available to them.

In our last article, “Importance of securing your business 24/7 on-the-go”, we talked about the importance of securing your business on the go. Today, we will be talking about the benefits you can reap from securing your business remotely on the go.

SECOM Smart Malaysia is a trusted security provider who is committed to providing that comfort to you and your business with security features such as 24-hour monitoring services and remote monitoring and control through smartphone app. Wifi CCTV cameras will function 24 hours a day as your extra eyes.

Now then, what are the benefits that you can reap from security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia, who are known for their reliable business security services and options that allow you to monitor your business remotely?

Ensures worker efficiency and productivity

There is a saying that “Once the boss is away, workers come out to play”.

This saying can be prevented through various business security options such as Wi-Fi CCTV camera systems that allow you, the business owner, to remotely monitor your worker’s performance through our security app’s live feed, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Remote app monitoring allows you to check in on your employees, giving you an understanding of your worker’s productivity and efficiency while you are away. It would be especially effective for retail-based businesses, and factories that run for 24 hours a day, in ensuring that there is no delay in production and delivery of your goods and services.

This app monitoring feature provided by security providers like SECOM Smart Malaysia is available 24 hours a day, giving you 24/7 monitoring access to your workplace, anytime of the day, anywhere you are, from your mobile phone.

Ensures workers’ safety

Surveillance cameras such as Wifi CCTV camera systems not only allow you remote monitoring access of your worker’s performance, but also help you keep an eye on your worker’s safety. Live footage from Wi-Fi CCTV cameras installed on site helps you stay informed on your worker’s safety and whereabouts.

These features can help deter and prevent break-ins from happening, ensuring your worker safety, 24 hours a day.

Some security providers provide emergency call button service in times of emergency, which provides added benefits for business owners. SECOM Smart Malaysia’s panic button feature will also help you or your workers to call for help in case there is an emergency at your business premise, allowing you and your employees a peace of mind. The in-app panic button feature also allows business owners to notify the authorities from their phones remotely, to ensure that no harm is done to their employees and property.

Back in August 2022, a factory worker was killed after being trapped in a conveyor belt at his workplace in Bandar Seberang on August 22nd. (Source: Factory worker dies after being trapped in conveyor belt | The Star). Such cases of workplace injury are not uncommon due to neglect.

Such incidents can be prevented through installed business security solutions and 24-hour monitoring services that security providers provide for businesses that we have mentioned thus far. Get the immediate assistance you need in such times of emergencies to protect your business and workers’ safety.

Prevention of property damage

Another benefit in securing your business remotely is prevention of property damage from break-ins or hazards such as fire and water leakage.

Any trigger of potential break-in or possible accidents such as fire detected by SECOM Smart Malaysia’s smoke detector or our 24-hour monitoring motion, vibration, shock, or door sensors will send-off warning sirens to send intruders running and alert you of potential breach, active fire spread or water leakage near critical electronic equipment at your business location.

These alerts that notify you via our security app about such occurrences can further be validated by you through our Wifi CCTV camera live feed on the security app monitoring feature. Upon confirmation from you, SECOM Smart Malaysia’s 24-hour emergency call center can contact respective authorities to handle such matters so that you do not need to rush to be present on site. SECOM Smart Malaysia’s business security solution complements one another in allowing you the flexibility of securing your business remotely, 24 hours a day.

Prevention of damage onto your property while you are away, is one of our top priorities in being your business security provider.

Prevention of additional cost from property damage

Prevention of property damage from accidents such as fire or robbery through SECOM Smart Malaysia’s 24-hour monitoring alarm sensors and WiFi CCTV camera footage can also prevent you from incurring any additional repair or damage cost on your business property. It also ensures your worker’s safety without additional costs!

Back in October 2020, as reported by NST Malaysia, a fire broke out at a steel factory on the 20th of October afternoon in Perai, Penang, Malaysia. By the time the respective fire and rescue department arrived on the scene, about 30 percent of the boiler and steel structure were already consumed in flames. This accident ended up injuring six workers in their 40s who were helping out with the fire. (Source: Six injured in Prai factory explosion (

Thankfully, these workers suffered only slight injuries following the explosion. The cost of such an explosion does not come lightly for the business owners especially when it comes to ensuring workers’ safety.

A simple investment in a reliable security system and provider will help eliminate additional damages from such an incident. Upon detection of smoke by the fire alarm, further confirmation and actions can be taken via Wi-Fi CCTV Camera footage and emergency buttons such as panic button. With SECOM Smart Malaysia’s in-app panic button, business owners not on site can request for immediate support through our security app.

Investing in a reliable security solution and system today can help save any additional cost from property damage or security theft in the future. Incidents as such are beyond our control, therefore, it is beneficial for business owners to safeguard your business premise with security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia.

Receiving assistance whenever required

As mentioned before, SECOM Smart Malaysia’s security features such as our panic button will alert our qualified 24-hour Central Monitoring Service, who will rigorously investigate and report accordingly to respective authorities.

Upon confirmation from you that there might be a potential breach at your business premise, necessary assistance from respective authorities will be sent to the scene, assuring you that your business and workers’ safety is well protected, 24 hours a day, while you are away.

This is beneficial for those who are outstation and cannot be there in-person to help. You can also stay on top of the incident through our Wi-Fi CCTV camera footage via our security app, remotely, even when abroad. Your business and workers’ safety are our top priority.


It is beneficial to secure your business, remotely, 24 hours a day, wherever you may be. Safeguard your business remotely, wherever you may be, to prevent any additional losses or damages to your property or workers’ safety.

We hope that the 5 benefits listed in our article today have helped shed some light on the importance of remote monitoring of business, 24 hours a day, all year round. With all the benefits that comes along with securing your business remotely, we at SECOM Smart Malaysia will be by your side, protecting your business and livelihood, ensuring your business and workers’ safety as one of our top priorities, 24 hours a day, giving you the flexibility of remote app monitoring via our security app, even when abroad.

Contact us today to learn more on how we can help protect your business for you.

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