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How to improve worker productivity with SECOM Smart Business Security

How to improve worker productivity with SECOM Smart Business Security

When opening or starting a business, there are a few factors to consider prior to the start date such as ensuring that the business premise is in a safe location and is equipped with necessary safety measures and security systems such as alarm systems or having the basic first aid kits on site.

Safeguarding your business and work environment not only protects your premises and employees but also encourages worker productivity. Worker productivity can be improved through provision of encouraging work environment and security solutions such as 24-hours monitoring alarm systems and other security features that help you keep an eye on your employees in a cost-efficient way and avoid prolonged accidents at the workplace such as production halt or fires that can further endanger the safety of your employees.

Reliable business security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia, also offer a wide range of business security options to meet unique security needs of different premise types in helping business owners safeguard and enforce business performance boost.

We will address how security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia can help improve your worker’s productivity in this article.

Eyes in the sky

CCTVs are often known as eyes in the sky. Equipping your work environment with adequate CCTV cameras would help you garner a few extra pairs of eyes while you are away. Even if you were to be present, for businesses such as hotels, with more than a handful of employees and complex building structures, it is hard to keep an eye on every corner. CCTV cameras would be a cost-efficient way in monitoring safety of the premises, worker productivity and performances for such businesses.

CCTVs can help you monitor your worker’s productivity and safety through websites and smartphone apps. It is cost efficient and can help generate a safer work environment for you and your employees without additional labour or investment costs. Stay on top of your worker’s productivity anytime with CCTV live footage on your security app.

Alarms and sensors

Alarms and sensors are cost efficient security options that work hand in hand with providing business owners with security assurance through alert notifications when potential intrusion or hazards are bound to take place at their business premises.

These 24-hour monitoring security features provided by security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia are great for calling for help during emergencies. They also act as a deterrence for intruders. By deterring intruders and burglars from entering, you can help keep your workers safe. In return, this encourages performance boost through a happier and safer work environment.

Alarms and sensors are also a great way to prevent theft while you are away. Placing sensors on doors leading to key areas in your business premise, such as product stockrooms and finance-related office rooms, can help you keep track of both movements into and out of those areas when you are away on urgent business outside your property. What better way to stay informed and secure your workplace than with our 24-hour monitoring security feature!

User-access customization

In addition to alarm and sensors being a safety measure in theft prevention, user customization on security services and devices installed at your business premise is also a way to improve worker productivity.

Allowing certain staff members access to security devices installed such as user access to CCTV footage at the workplace can also help big corporations keep track of their worker productivity. Limiting access to certain staff members such as managers can help be an extra pair of eyes for you, the business owner. This can also encourage worker productivity as each department is well monitored through CCTV and sensor systems. For example, allowing alert notifications to floor managers on 24-hour monitoring sensor triggers on their respective floors in a corporate building.

Security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia allow these user customizations to be set up on our security app. Granting user access to certain staff members can help promote fairness in the work environment among worker productivity, such as when a suspected foul play among workers takes place, and those with user access to security footages or sensor alerts could help verify the situation to avoid further conflict. It is important to consider boosting worker productivity through fairness and reducing idleness in the office, and in return, boosting performance and motivation for employees.

In June 2020, an employee in Kuala Lumpur, was sentenced to five days in jail and a fine of RM 2,000 by the Sessions Country for stealing RM1,295.20 from his employer in 2019. The court also ordered the accused to serve an extra two days in jail upon failure to pay the fine. (From: Kuala Lumpur man jailed, fined for stealing employer’s money | Malay Mail)

With installed security systems and user access customization to trusted personnel, incidents such as the above can be further prevented through confirmation and awareness from mentioned security services by multiple personnel. Ensuring that worker productivity is not jeopardized.

Additional security devices

We have covered thus far that 24-hour monitoring security features that alarms and sensors have can help prevent theft internally and externally and boost worker productivity in return.

Additional security devices, such as outdoor sirens, complement existing sensors and CCTVs in place can allow business owners to stay informed of potential external theft. SECOM Smart Malaysia also provides additional motion detectors in securing the outdoor premises of your business, such as double-sided outdoor detectors and outdoor motion detectors. With these detectors and sensors in place, any unexpected intrusions into any areas of your business property can be highlighted and monitored, both during and before and after working hours.

This will help you or your employees with security access to take necessary steps to prevent unwanted intrusions and potential threats to their safety. Of course, aside from immediate safety, security also refers to providing a peace of mind to your employees, so they can focus on their work contributing to worker productivity and performance boost.

To prevent and prepare for incidents of distress to operations and worker performance, such as workplace conflict and fires, a combination of security devices, operational system, and security support work best with one another. Additional security devices, such as sirens, doorway-installed motion detectors, and our smoke detectors, can be linked to the Smart Security app to afford you, the business owner, full view of your workplace. Should unauthorised personnel enter spaces they shouldn’t, or an unsupervised fire begin to spread, you and our 24-hour monitoring centre can be alerted of any unexpected motion or detected smoke through the highlights feature in the Smart Security App, so you can respond swiftly and stop any conflicts or fires from spreading. This will then prevent property damage and loss of productivity.  With these security devices, you can swiftly respond to accidents and conflicts, and prevent additional expenses from such damages, giving your business a performance boost through worker productivity and the ability to manage your business in a cost-efficient manner.

Assistance during work emergencies

Many unpredicted accidents and hazards can take place at a workplace, disrupting production and causing an uneasy work environment. Security solutions that aid during times of emergencies such as a fire break out at your factory lot, can help ensure that worker productivity is not disrupted.

Some security providers would provide their own emergency systems to further protect and equip businesses. For SECOM Smart Malaysia, we offer a panic button security feature amidst our range of services. The panic button feature will alert our central monitoring centre, who will then check in with you on such incidents or emergencies. If there are no responses from you, our central monitoring centre will then notify respective authorities to secure your employees and work environment.

Some businesses such as factories require 24-hour monitoring and production. This feature offered by SECOM Smart Malaysia or other security providers will help you protect your workers who are working late, allowing you access to observe your worker’s productivity. For example, your employees can receive immediate medical attention upon confirmation from you, the business owner, so that the production line isn’t at a stop if other employees have to take leave of absence themselves or tend to another sick employee.

Set goals and reward systems

Lastly, we would like to extend this point beyond what security providers can provide to businesses in improving worker productivity. When dealing with workers who frequently slack off and are not productive at work, the first step would be to put yourself in their shoes. Sometimes, employees are unmotivated or overwhelmed with the workload and poor directions set by management and the company.

Therefore, it is essential that employers provide an encouraging work environment that promotes confidence and room for growth that in return boosts worker productivity. Setting goals both for the company and everyone can further encourage and motivate employees to work hard in achieving these goals. Nevertheless, it is also crucial that businesses reward employee’s performance accordingly to boost performance and further fuel worker productivity.


In summary, there are a variety of ways one business can take to improve their worker productivity through trustworthy security solutions. Reliable security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia, offers a wide variety of business security solutions such as 24-hour monitoring alarm sensors and detectors, central monitoring system, and other cost-efficient security options by reducing necessary security personnel in ensuring a safe and happy work environment for you and your staff members.

A happy work environment would improve worker’s productivity and encourage performance boost on both workers and business’s performances.

You can also have an extra set of eyes in monitoring your worker’s productivity all at once, in making sure your business is running smoothly.

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