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Importance of securing your business 24/7 on-the-go

Importance of securing your business 24/7 on-the-go

Businesses today saw a drastic impact and change when the Covid-19 pandemic hit back in 2020. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus (taken from: Coronavirus ( The pandemic has affected businesses around the world and have changed the way businesses think by placing more emphasis on digital enablement and remote monitoring facilities.

Taken from: COVID-19: Impact on Malaysian businesses | EY Malaysia

A survey conducted by EY with 670 responses from large and listed companies and SMEs highlighted the difficulties Covid-19 has brought onto business in Malaysia. The main areas that were affected were highlighted in the figure below.

Taken from: COVID-19: Impact on Malaysian businesses | EY Malaysia

From these figures, we can see that businesses suffered greatly from downtime and delays in operations and supply chains.

During this pandemic, businesses owners and managers wisely focused on securing their businesses and sought to do so for 24 hours a day, especially when they were not allowed to leave their homes to be present at their business locations with security solutions such as cameras for security.

Over time, more and more importance has been placed in monitoring the work environment from afar through remote monitoring via security apps (app monitoring), 24/7 and on-the-go wherever you may be.

Why then is remote monitoring of businesses, 24/7 on-the-go so important especially in times of need such as during Covid-19 pandemic?

Lowers risk of employee injury or property damage

Our first point is beneficial for businesses during the rainy season when there is machinery running 24/7, plugged into electric power points or factory facilities in the outskirts. Sensors and smoke detectors offered by reliable security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia can help alert business owners through their 24-hour monitoring services of possible fire or intruders entering their business facility to lower risk of employee injury or property damage.

A combination of security services provided by security providers for your business would also be beneficial in lowering mentioned risks. For example, Wi-Fi CCTV camera for security from SECOM Smart Malaysia’s range of products also helps business owners confirm these triggers from smoke detectors through the live feed from the security app. A combination of our 24-hour monitoring sensors and detectors along with Wi-Fi CCTV cameras for security is beneficial in preventing risk of employee injury or property damage which would lead to additional costs to business owners upon damage in the future.

Remote monitoring will also lower the risk of employee injury since security options such as panic button by SECOM Smart Malaysia will help you and your staff call for help during these desperate times. These features will provide a safer work environment for your employees which in turn will boost productivity.

Refer to our other article for details on why a safer work environment will help improve worker productivity for businesses.

Flexibility for business owners

Business owners who travel often don’t often stay at their workplaces. Having security systems in place can help ease their mind and provide them the flexibility of remotely monitoring their business and work environment while they are away. If you wish to share remote monitoring access to trusted colleagues or employees, it would be best to use an encrypted security app or system that only those with access can monitor your business alongside you.

Once remote monitoring access has been granted to other users apart from you, the business owner, administrators with access can also remotely monitor your business for you while you are away, giving you the flexibility of entrusting your business onto on-site employees with access and ability to handle matters on hand without haste.

In addition, multi-location services also come in handy for those who are often required to travel between various branches of the business, for example, for those who are required to go on frequent travels between restaurant chains in the Klang Valley or owners of 24/7 supermarket chains. Security services with multi-location functions will allow users to connect to the security systems of all their properties at one glance through smartphone app or user website, which allows remote monitoring on various locations in real time.

Remote monitoring of your business premise is also possible through app monitoring (monitoring via app) on your phone provided by your security provider. App monitoring from abroad helps ease your mind whenever in doubt, despite the time difference. Security apps that also come with in-app emergency buttons such as in-app panic buttons are also beneficial in providing the above-mentioned flexibility.

Assurance during pandemic such as Covid-19

As mentioned, Covid-19 has brought upon a lot of inconvenience to home and business owners. Securing your business 24/7 on-the-go can help ease the inconvenience caused by such incidents and pandemics. Remote monitoring options from security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia offer reassurance to business owners that their business premise and work environment is still protected through 24-hour monitoring motion sensors, 24-hour emergency call center, 24-hour central monitoring services, and live video footage from CCTV cameras for security during lockdown periods.

When it comes to 24-hour monitoring, motion sensors in place will notify you of unwanted visitors while your business premise, such as a coffee shop, is closed or when you are unable to visit your coffee shop. You can then validate such occurrences through Wi-Fi CCTV video footage on your security mobile app or webpage prior to taking respective action accordingly. These remote monitoring options provide you with the assurance that your work environment is safe and secured during these challenging times.

Respective actions taken in response to prevent further damage and additional cost

As mentioned earlier, early detection through motion sensors can help business owners take respective actions such as contacting relevant authorities in putting out a possible fire from escalating. This can help prevent additional cost and damage to the business property (point #1).

Motion sensors in place play their own role in alerting business owners and administrators of any potential threat. Respective actions can then be taken to combat such alerts or incoming threats. A simple understanding of how motion sensors from security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia play a part in this point is as follow:

If you are currently out stationed in Johor Bahru while your shop lot in Penang is being broken into through a trigger of motion sensors installed, SECOM Smart Malaysia’s 24-hour monitoring call center will help alert respective authorities upon your confirmation, to prevent a break-in from happening. Prevention of break-in can further prevent any unneeded costs.

Reduces business-vulnerability

Having a security system in place that is running continuously will help deter theft and intruders from breaking into your property. For example, having Wi-Fi CCTV cameras installed on the premises will discourage a majority of intruders from attempting break-ins, and will help foster an image of a robust and well-guarded work environment.

Even after an attempted break-in, existing security systems in place with central monitoring services that keeps track of all movement activity logs on site have proven to be much more beneficial for business owners as evidence in assisting with insurance claims, further reducing business’s vulnerability post incident.

Alarm systems, motion sensors, along with the combination of Wi-Fi CCTV cameras for security and central monitoring services, on top of physical security guards work together as an inclusive protective layer that can help deter crime and reduce your business’s vulnerability. Regardless of the time and day, installing a security system that allows remote monitoring through security apps (app monitoring) will help strengthen your workplace’s security.


Securing your business 24/7 wherever you are through remote app monitoring via security apps, 24-hour monitoring alarm systems, and other security features such as Wi-Fi CCTV can help promote a safe and efficient work environment for you and your employees.

We hope that this article has highlighted the importance of securing your business 24/7 on the go. Security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia can help you protect your business wherever you may be, giving you peace of mind whenever you are away.

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