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The best CCTV cameras for businesses

The best CCTV cameras for businesses

CCTV are surveillance cameras that are set up as basic security safety measures in protecting your homes and businesses.

CCTV surveillance cameras have been proven useful in times of crime deterrence and as evidence in catching culprits of break-ins. Thanks to surveillance cameras, police were able to catch the culprit of car theft in Aman Perdana, Selangor within a day! (Source: Car theft and robbery solved in a day, thanks to CCTV footage | The Star). Without the presence of surveillance cameras and their 24-hour monitoring function, such a case would probably require more time in finding the culprit.

This security feature is useful in monitoring your shop, factory or building during opening and closing hours and in the safety and productivity of your workers. CCTV cameras today have evolved into wifi CCTV cameras for better performance and higher quality video transmission as a basic security device to meet your security needs. Audio can also be transmitted through certain wifi CCTV cameras. Transmitted audio can be either one-way or two-way (audio transmission from the wifi CCTV cameras as one-way audio transmission or two-way transmission that allows others to talk back to the camera), depending on the wifi CCTV camera specifications.

We will highlight the top CCTV cameras for businesses in this article to meet your business security needs.

1. SECOM Smart Malaysia Indoor IP cameras

SECOM Smart Malaysia, a security provider for both home and business security needs offers smarter and high-quality live and recorded video through our indoor IP wifi CCTV camera. Its Powerful Video Analytics can detect and alert you on either vehicle, human or animal movements in entering or exiting your shop, building or factory.

With a wide field of view, night vision, and High Dynamic Range (HDR), our wifi CCTV camera lets you see what’s important regardless of lighting conditions. Pair with our security system for cloud-based alarm and sensor-triggered clip recordings for a complete 24-hour monitoring safety measure in place to protect your shop or building. SECOM Smart Malaysia’s indoor wifi CCTV camera also allows for one-way audio transmission.

Upon purchase, we will provide a team of experts to plan and carry out the indoor CCTV installation based on their professional expertise and perspective after surveyance onto your building and business premises. As you can see, our team of professionals will take the necessary safety measures and methods in providing the best solutions to every client’s business security needs.

We live up to our reputable name and brand as a professional security service provider from our professional credible advice and support by our team of experts for every security issue. Something you might not find in DIY products.

2. SECOM Smart Malaysia Outdoor IP cameras

This security feature compliments the indoor IP camera feature mentioned above.

Equipping your shop, building or factory with both these safety measures from SECOM Smart Malaysia gives you peace of mind, knowing that your entire business premises is fully secured.

Both the indoor and outdoor wifi CCTV cameras from SECOM Smart Malaysia are fully functional anytime of the day. Pair these security features with our other alarms and sensor systems for 24-hours monitoring services for business security needs. These wifi CCTV camera features are applicable to premises such as shopping malls, office buildings, Kedai Runcit, retail stores, restaurants and even Kedai Kopi.

CCTV installation will also be provided by our team of experts.

3. TP-link Tapo C420S2 Surveillance IP Camera

TP-link has been in business since 1996 and is a reputable CCTV camera supplier.

The new Tapo C420S2 CCTV camera is a high-definition surveillance IP camera with 1080p definition. It comes along with advanced motion detection and alerts users upon detection of suspicious movements. The camera’s sound and light alarm also trigger light and sound effects to ward off intruders.

It has a 180-day battery lifespan and has full-color night vision feature allowing access to night footage as well. It is dust and water resistant to cater to business security needs.

Please follow respective instructions and advice from the supplier in the CCTV installation process. You should contact them for further information regarding their surveillance camera range that fits your business security needs and budget.

4. Mi outdoor wireless security camera

Xiaomi is a brand that is no stranger to many.

For an affordable price, this security camera offers 1080p HD resolution, 130° angle vision, and infrared night vision. Facial and motion detection is also offered in this CCTV wireless camera much like the other high-performance wifi CCTV cameras.

Like other good CCTV cameras, it features Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity and a two-way microphone feature. Also, it is dust and water resistant.

The downside is that it only has a 7m night vision distance which can be restrictive for business facilities that require 24-hour monitoring on a wide surveillance area such as cargo shipment facilities. It also has a 90-day battery lifespan which is lower than other CCTV wireless camera options.

Please follow respective instructions and advice from the supplier in the CCTV installation process. You should contact them for further information regarding their surveillance camera range that fits your business security needs and budget.

5. EZVIZ Wireless Security Camera

EZVIZ Wireless Security Cameras have long-lasting, waterproof, and wireless cloud-based security camera options. The EZVIZ C3T Wireless Security Camera also functions at night and its motion detectors are accurate in the determination of movement. All security footage are happening real-time, offering accuracy to its users. It has a 30m night vision field which is bigger than many other CCTV wireless cameras.

The downside is in its smaller angle vision, in comparison to other security camera options. Please follow respective instructions and advice from the supplier in the CCTV installation process. You should contact them for further information regarding their surveillance camera range that fits your business security needs and budget.


There are various CCTV cameras available for business security needs. Setting up CCTV cameras at your business premises is typically the very first basic security safety measure in safeguarding your business. For this reason, choosing a reliable and trustworthy security provider is just as crucial for your business security needs as selecting the right CCTV camera hardware.

SECOM Smart Malaysia can provide you with the service that turns our CCTV cameras into efficient safety measures. We do not only provide wireless CCTV camera devices, but also ensure that our wireless CCTV cameras protect your privacy against hackers. Our wifi CCTV cameras are all safeguarded by what we would consider a basic security requirement in our modern age of technology. We provide dedicated Visual Private Networks, and encrypted cloud servers that are impregnable to unauthorized access through the network. Your private and confidential business data and assets are well-guarded, through our comprehensive security safety measures. Choose from our business security packages today!

With SECOM Smart Malaysia, you can rest assured that your business security needs are met with our customizable security packages. Pair our wifi CCTV cameras with our alarm and sensors for full protection in your shop, building, and factory.

We hope that this article has helped you on your research on the best CCTV cameras for your business premise and security needs.

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