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Tips to secure your business efficiently

Tips to secure your business efficiently

Matters of security risk and safety can be categorized according to three groups: human risks, physical risks, and technological risks.

Human risks for businesses involve risk towards employees which are influenced by the work environment. Physical risks involve harassment at the workplace, misunderstandings and out of control incidents among employees. Technological risks refer to privacy and data breach.

There are security systems and solutions available to overcome and protect the work environment from such risks.

In this article, we will share a list of tips for securing your business efficiently and explain how these tips will help business owners reduce human, physical and technological risks, which will help you in taking the right safety measures to further secure and guard your business.

  1. Invest in a security system for both indoor and outdoor business premise
  2. Conduct regular security checks
  3. Set up security procedures
  4. Do a background check on employees
  5. Limit access of sensitive data to certain employees
  6. Be wary of employment theft
  7. Ensure worker safety
  8. Equip with additional safety measures customized to your needs

1. Invest in a security system for both indoor and outdoor business premise

The first tip that all businesses are recommended to abide by is setting up a physical security system in and outside their business premise.

When choosing a security provider for your business, the first step would be to survey and understand your business and work environment. Followed by sourcing for a value for money security package and service provider. In our other article, “criteria to consider when choosing a security provider for your business”, we have highlighted some criteria that will help you decide which security provider to go for when installing a security system.

Having a security system for both indoor and outdoor business premises would help deter crime, and alert respective authorities and administrators on possible intrusion. Going with a security provider that has central monitoring services is an extra safety net and added value in safeguarding your business efficiently.

Security systems act as a mechanical and electronic extension of your awareness of your property, assets, and valued employees. They are cost efficient security measures that help you track and record break-ins or events happening at the area of surveillance such as in capturing internal theft or harassment between employees at the workplace, providing you with that added layer of protection in reducing human and physical risks. Investing in a value for money security provider would also help minimize your losses in the future in addition to reducing human and physical risks at the workplace.

This could in turn, encourage a safer work environment for you and your employees.

2. Conduct regular security checks

Broken or loose “screws” in a security system or safety measure can lure observant intruders into your business premise. If your camera systems malfunction, and you brush off the problem with an “Aiya, it will be ok one” you and your business will face long-term consequences.

Encourage your employees to point out any safety threats that they have noticed in the workplace. It would be recommended to schedule a regular security check on your business premise to ensure that both security systems and safety measures are functioning well.

That being said, in-house fire safety training is a compulsory safety measure one should take to secure their business premise and employees. In-house fire safety training will ensure that your employees are constantly up to date with fire safety issues or able to respond appropriately to incidents at your workplace. This creates a safer and conducive work environment for all. By raising employee awareness of proper conduct, and to notice irregularities in the workplace, business owners can reduce human and physical risks at the workplace which in return can improve employee performance.

3. Set up security procedures

Security procedures refer to management of access rights for visitors and employees

For example, setting up procedures such as registration of visitors that come to your business premise. This would also include restricted access to certain areas of your work environment such as only certain personnel being allowed to enter the stock room.

It would also be recommended to invest in a door access system or video doorbell system for business premises in securing your business efficiently. Door access systems and video doorbells are a cost-efficient way in securing your business premise externally. This would limit access of certain areas to registered personnel.

Another cost-efficient safety measure that businesses should take is equipping business premises with safety aid kits, fire extinguishers, and standard procedure practices in times of emergencies and fatality. This would secure your employees’ safety, in providing a safe and encouraging work environment for all.

Some security providers also allows business owners, or authorized personnel with access to the security app to stay informed with these established security procedures. With SECOM Smart Malaysia, you and your authorized personnel would be aware of what time the workplace is open and closed through our alarm sensors. Alarm activation and deactivation can also be found on our app. Customization can be conducted on both SECOM Smart security app and user’s portal. By establishing and reinforcing proper security procedures, robust safety protocols, and Standard Operating Procedures, business owners can reduce physical and human risk as well.

4. Do a background check on employees

Background checks are recommended safety measures for businesses to take when hiring new personnel into the team.

Often the mastermind could be the employees who are familiar with the business procedures and practices. In 2020, a heist in Penang involving RM 231,000 in cash was solved thanks to CCTV footages and modern technology. The mastermind behind the heist was a former employee with past criminal history. (Source: Penang cops arrest mastermind of RM231,000 bank heist, accomplices | Malay Mail)

Therefore, conducting a background check on new employees is also considered a safety measure in securing your business efficiently. It also reduces human and physical risk in the workplace.

5. Limit access of sensitive data to certain employees

This safety measure further expands the point above.

Some robbery cases at the workplace are from leak of information from employees to other syndicates. Some employees could also be slowly siphoning assets and data to others. These motives can stem from greed or other motives.

It is recommended to not let your guard down even with your employees. It is recommended to take precautionary safety measures in limiting access of sensitive information and data to only certain personnels in ensuring private and confidential information and data is well protected.

This safety measure can also be applied to your security system in place. Access to security footages and information, in case of tampering attempts, can be limited to only certain personnel of your choice. This helps ensure that private and confidential information has protected access only to a select number of trusted individuals, which will help reduce technological risk.

6. Be wary of employee theft

Many robbery cases also have stemmed from business owner’s lack of awareness. Beginner business owners tend to prioritize brand awareness and business growth over their business’s physical security. This could create conditions that are ideal for theft, both internally and externally.

With proper security procedures, door access systems and security systems in place, you can keep an eye out on your employee’s movement at the workplace.

As mentioned in the heist in Penang, CCTV footage and installed security systems helped the authorities in solving said crime. Sensors in places with restricted access such as the server room or manager rooms, would alert you and personnel with access to unauthorized movements and entrance. Confirmation can be done further through CCTV footage that is available in real time.

These security features act as evidence in times of breach. By preparing for employee theft, through recordings and appropriate sensor placement, business owners can likewise preemptively reduce physical risk and human risks, as employee productivity and motivation could be reduced by such incidents. It is recommended to have installed value for money security systems (Referring to Section No.1) to stay on top of any unauthorized movements and potential employee theft.

7. Ensure worker safety

Now, we will switch the focus from internal crime to external crime.

In case of a robbery externally, your staff should know of the safety measures and steps to be taken such as locating an emergency button to call for help.

This panic button feature would prove to be handy in times as such. With a push of the button, assistance can be sent to the crime scene by respective authorities, who will handle the emergency without delay.

It is important to educate employee members about safety precautions during robberies, especially at areas such as over the counter, at the till, or even during hostage situations. By taking extra steps to secure your employees and prepare them for external threats, business owners can reduce human risks and physical risks, as employees who feel unsafe lack motivation and trust in contributing to the best of their ability to the workplace.

8. Equip additional safety measures that are customized to your needs

Security guards are often turned to security measures businesses or residential areas take in safeguarding the premise and people in it.

Security guards can work hand in hand with mentioned security systems in securing your business. Depending on your business size, having both security options might be ideal for you. We have also highlighted the best security options for your business in our article, “Which security feature is the best for your business”.

Security guards might be expensive for small businesses as compared to security systems which are much more cost efficient. But for big businesses such as factory lots, it is recommended to have both physical guards and security systems in complementing one another in providing value-for-money security. Security guards might have human errors, which security systems can help in identifying and combating any threats to employee safety and assets. Moreover, business owners should consider security systems and devices that are encrypted and hack-proof. By combining security personnel, encrypted security systems, and alarm-sensor networks altogether, business owners can reduce human, physical and technological risks. Security guards can help business owners and their employees feel safe and improve productivity, while encrypted security systems cannot be compromised by hackers.

Therefore, depending on your budget and business size, equipping your business with added security options and measures might be ideal to fully protect your business and mitigate the three risks to your business.


We hope that this article has helped you in considering the tips in helping you secure your business efficiently.

There are a wide variety of security systems and options available for businesses of different sizes to consider in efficiently securing their employees and work environment. These safety measures are in place to help you secure your business and minimize any losses in the future.

Prevention is always a recommended safety measure in protecting your business.

Learn more about security solutions to secure your home and business here.

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