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Which security feature is the best for your business?

Which security feature is the best for your business?

It is important for businesses to take necessary safety measures to prevent any possible losses to the business and its employees in the future.

There are a wide variety of security options available depending on each business security need. In this article, we will break down these security options and security systems, all of which are available for a variety of business sizes (small, medium, and large enterprises). Each business size and budgets may require different security systems.

Small enterprises (coffee shops)

Small and medium-sized enterprises, according to SME Corp Malaysia, are divided into two categories:

  • Manufacturing
  • Services and Other Sectors

For the manufacturing category, small enterprises are defined as companies with 5 full-time employees , and up to but not exceeding 75 employees, or can be defined by a sales turnover from RM 300,000 to less than RM 15 million. For services and other sectors, small enterprises are those with a sales turnover from RM 300,000 to RM 3 million or full-time employees from 5 to less than 30. (Source: SME Corporation Malaysia – SME Definition)

For small enterprises, we have chosen coffee shops as the sample business size.

Recommended security solutions:

For small enterprises, the recommended security system and package would be the basic security package. The basic security system has the recommended essential safety measures in securing businesses with less than 100 employees.

The basic security system package would include but not be limited to the following:

  • Alarm system with sensors
  • 24-hours central monitoring service
  • CCTV system for surveillance

For coffee shops, alarm systems with basic motion and door sensors, if planned and installed properly, would alert authorized personnel of the user’s shops of any unwarranted movements or theft, both internally (internal theft among employees) and externally (intruders breaking in at night). Furthermore, live footage from surveillance cameras provides an extra layer of protection as confirmation or as a security alternative in monitoring worker productivity or the status of the coffee shop.

To complete the coffee shop’s security system, a 24-hour central monitoring service would be the best answer for emergency support requests. This monitoring service functions as another backup for your business, but is not provided by all security companies. However, SECOM Smart Malaysia is one of the few security providers that provide such services on top of the above-mentioned security options.

Completing the basic security options of alarms, sensors, and CCTVs with 24-hour monitoring services provides value-for-money security solutions to small enterprises.

Medium enterprise (office building)

For the manufacturing category, medium-sized enterprises are defined as companies with up to 75 full-time employees or more, but not exceeding 200 employees, or can be defined as an enterprise with a sales turnover from RM 15 million to not more than RM 50 million. For services and other sectors, medium-sized enterprises are those with a sales turnover from RM 3 million to not exceeding RM 20 million or full-time employees from 30 to less than 75. (Source: SME Corporation Malaysia – SME Definition)

For midsize enterprises, we have chosen office buildings as the sample business size.

Recommended security solutions:

The recommended security solutions and security system for medium-sized enterprises include what have been mentioned to small sized enterprises. Additional security solutions catered for larger business size and area will be introduced in this part.

The recommended security package would include but not be limited to the following:

  • Surveillance camera
  • Alarm system with sensors (e.g., motion sensor, vibration sensor)
  • Emergency/panic button
  • 24-hour central monitoring service
  • Access control system (door access)

For offices located in high-rise buildings, having access control systems as a part of already established safety measures can further protect businesses from external intruders who have no authorization to enter the building or office space.

Emergency buttons, such as panic buttons, are extremely handy in times of emergencies. If an employee is still working alone after office hours, a suspected break-in or fire can be further prevented with a push of the emergency button, requesting immediate emergency support, rather than going through the process of alerting the employer and so on.

That being said, it is also recommended for businesses to have in-house safety measures such as fire exit routes, in case of emergencies. Establishing emergency protocol, which employees can follow in times of emergencies to prevent further harm or accidents at the workplace, would be a recommended safety measure for all business sizes as well.

Large enterprise (factory)

Large enterprises have a sales turnover and an employee pool larger than medium-sized enterprises.

For large enterprises, we have chosen factories as the sample business size.

Recommended security solutions:

The recommended security package would include but not be limited to the following:

  • Surveillance camera
  • Alarm system with sensors (e.g., motion sensor, vibration sensor)
  • Emergency/panic button
  • 24-hour central monitoring service
  • Access control system (door access)
  • Heavy duty roller shutter
  • Fire alarm
  • Security guards
  • Control room (for security systems and security guards to operate from)

For factories, equipping the business premises with security guards on top of existing security systems would complete the factory’s business security needs.

Security guards can act as security alternatives in providing on-site physical surveillance for businesses. As 24-hour security guards usually work in shift rotations and may incur heavy costs, security systems, such as CCTV and alarm systems, can complement these security alternatives by providing 24-hour monitoring capability.

Business security priorities for large enterprises, such as factories or shopping malls, might differ accordingly. For factories, security options such as heavy-duty roller shutters function as motion sensors that alert users of containers entering and exiting the factory lot. For shopping malls, high-definition surveillance cameras security options would probably be a priority in capturing live footage of current events on site.

Despite the differing priorities between both factories and shopping malls, both would still benefit from both heavy-duty roller shutters and high-definition surveillance cameras for securing their businesses. Furthermore, having a control room on site for security systems and security guards stationed to monitor security systems would be a recommended safety measure for large enterprises.

Regardless of all these security systems and recommended value-for-money security options, large enterprises should not neglect internal safety measures, such as restriction of employee access to sensitive data.

Business owners must also check the reliability and reputation of any personnel entering their premises. In 2017, a lorry driver was named “the slickest thief of all time” for stealing RM 600,000 in cash from an HSBC branch in Jalan Damanlela, Pusat Bandar Damansara Heights, Brickfields. The suspect posed as a fire extinguisher technician, sneaked into the safe room, and walked out of the bank with RM 600,000 in cash 20 minutes later.


When theft occurs at these large enterprises business owners will be understandably worried. By establishing access control systems, along with physical security systems, such as alerts from motion sensors of intrusion into safe rooms, and CCTV footage as evidence, can further help prevent such incidents from happening.

Can security solutions for large enterprises be applied to small-sized enterprises?

Any business owners may question if recommended security systems, originally for large enterprises, could also be applied to other smaller enterprises.

The short answer is, yes.

It is recommended to equip your business with necessary security systems and solutions. The more, the better. However, each business’ budget will remain an important consideration.

Recommended security systems and solutions for large enterprises have more functionality and options as opposed to basic security systems.

To understand more and to seek professional advice on the recommended security systems and safety measures for your business size and security needs, please do not hesitate to contact a security provider such as SECOM Smart Malaysia.

Additional safety measures to be mindful of.

On top of the above-mentioned security solutions and security systems for small, medium, and large-sized enterprises, there are also other safety measures business owners should be mindful of. A forward-thinking and cautious business owner will take advantage of the advanced security features that are provided in the present day by professional security companies.

Security systems which are linked with surveillance cameras can be accessed by business owners, to take note of which areas in the business premises are experiencing the most on-foot traffic, through a feature known as Heat Mapping. For example, a department store owner can see which areas of the business are experiencing foot traffic, not only for insights into popular products and services, but also in case of a sudden panic or stampede due to a burglary. Business owners can display points of interest in areas with heavy traffic, and introduce standard procedures to prevent panic and injury.

Business owners can also identify areas where crowds gather in the business premises through Crowd Gathering identification functions. This feature lets owners assess the crowd’s size. Should a crowd be unusually large, this analysis can then indicate potential disruptions in hindering customer access to products and services. For example, a large crowd in front of a department store elevator could potentially hinder other customers from moving around the area, causing distress to said customers or even potential accidents. Business owners can stay informed on current events and take measures to control or investigate such situations.

The latest surveillance technology also provides the ability to monitor Store Occupancy. By placing cameras at the entrances of their businesses, business owners can identify if the number of individuals exceeds the store’s capacity and can investigate which individuals are entering as a part of which group (whether they are customers or employees). For example, a bank manager can keep track of suspicious individuals who may either pose as bank employees or customers to enter the premises, or even groups of customers who enter in suspiciously large numbers for that business.

Learn about additional measures to secure your business in one of our other articles here.

Why should you choose SECOM Smart Malaysia?

How can SECOM Smart Malaysia help in providing the security features and solutions mentioned in this article?

SECOM Smart Malaysia, a trusted and pioneer in the business security industry, provides a wide range of business security systems and solutions to fit your every business need.

We provide not only the above-mentioned monitoring services but also alarm systems, heavy duty roller shutters, surveillance cameras, emergency buttons, and fire alarms. Our packages and services come along with 3 years warranty and in-house professional technicians who can both troubleshoot and repair your security systems on site and remotely.

Our central monitoring service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to provide emergency support and alert respective authorities during emergencies. Our security app also allows live surveillance, customization, and remote arming and disarming of alarm systems and sensors.

Our team of experts will provide you with professional recommendations and consultations, with detailed research on your business premises and security needs to make sure excellent services are at your disposal.

Additional security features, such as the above-mentioned Heat Mapping, Store Occupancy, and Crowd Gathering, are additional layers of protection and safety measures in securing your business are also provided by SECOM Smart Malaysia.

Finally, we are a reliable and experienced brand with over two decades of experience in providing the best security solutions and services to all our customers, be it for home or business security needs. We ensure that our services are always consistent and trustworthy, so that you can rest easy knowing that your business is protected with our excellent services.


Depending on your business size and security need, the above recommended security options can help protect and secure your business asset and premise accordingly.

If you are still unsure which security option or safety measure would best fit your business security needs, feel free to book a free consultation session with us today, so that we can understand and recommend the best security feature and solution for your business security needs.

Check out our other articles and resources to learn more about other security systems and options available for your business or home security needs.

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