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Why choose SECOM for your business security needs

Why choose SECOM for your business security needs

The process of choosing the best security provider for your business security needs can be overwhelming.

If you are unsure on how to choose a security provider, we invite you to refer to our other articles, to assist you in choosing the right safety measures and security provider for your security needs.

So why then should SECOM be the security provider for your business security needs?

1. Variety of cost-efficient packages catered to your security needs

SECOM Smart Malaysia offers a wide variety of cost-efficient security packages inclusive of reliable security management systems and services. Our cost-efficient packages and services are designed to help secure and safeguard your business, inside and out, regardless of business size and property type.

For example, our Prime Pro package, consisting mainly of Wi-Fi CCTV cameras, is best for users who own a small business, such as a local dry goods store, who need to monitor certain areas in their premises, which could be the cash register, stockroom, or office. Meanwhile, our Biz 3 package comes with Wi-Fi CCTV cameras, outdoor and indoor sensors, and additional 24-hour emergency support, suitable for larger businesses such as factories or warehouses which may opt for 24-hour monitoring of said premises. Such businesses require greater security coverage for multiple entryways and vital areas, which may include stockrooms and safe rooms containing vital documentation along with additional security emergency support during times of emergency available through a simple emergency call button or other functions.

With our expert consultation and survey for your property’s security needs, you can choose the right package and not have to overspend on your investments while securing your business security needs! To understand more on which security solutions and safety measure is suitable for your business type, check out our article, “Security solutions for every business need”.

In addition, all our packages come with a 3-year warranty, which covers all our security devices in unlikely cases of malfunction. Our cost-efficient security services can cater to businesses from as small as local neighborhood businesses, to multinational corporations, for all work environments.

Choose from the different security packages that we offer, in providing you with the optimum protection to your business security needs.

2. Comprehensive security features that complement each other

As mentioned, our wide variety of packages and product line provides comprehensive security features that complement one another. SECOM Smart Malaysia offers a comprehensive security service and devices for every work environment. Our product line includes a wide range of sensors along with 24-hour monitoring service, such as vibration sensors and roller shutter sensors that detect intruders before they enter the protected premises. Our indoor and outdoor CCTV systems work well with our 24-hour monitoring sensors and alarms in helping you determine the cause of an alert.

We also provide additional security devices such as outdoor sirens, panic buttons, and so much more! These security features complement one another in providing a reliable and complete security management system for safeguarding your business and work environment.

3. Flexibility through customization

In addition to the provision of reliable, cost-efficient, and varied security services and packages, SECOM Smart Malaysia also provides flexibility through the customization of our services and products.

User customization by restricting access to certain employees can help safeguard sensitive data and privacy. SECOM Smart Malaysia’s 24 -hour monitoring alarm and sensory systems can be customized based on trigger points, time, or purposes, through the user’s app or web portal.

For example, sensors with features that promote 24-hour monitoring, when placed inside cash registers for the purpose of tracking when the registers are opened during after-work hours, can be customized based on your business security needs. If your employee must check the cash register and finalize your business accounts at the end of the day at around 10 pm, but has forgotten to do so, the customized trigger points on these sensors would alert you accordingly. This feature is known as Smart Arming.

Smart Arming, an optional function for business users, is a customization that allows auto arming and setting of movement timers. When there is no activity during closing hours, our alarm systems would auto-arm and auto-disarm, based on the set customized time. Since the Smart Arming feature is an optional function, users are provided the flexibility of choosing only necessary functions according to their business security needs.

Such customizations, based on your business security needs, are beneficial 24-hour monitoring safety measures in ensuring your business is protected, as well as in monitoring your worker productivity.

4. Expert Consultation

We at SECOM Smart Malaysia value and respect our clients’ priorities in protecting their businesses and assets. We understand that simply utilizing security devices and systems as safety measures could be insufficient in meeting all business security needs. To get the most out of their desired security system, users must consider the same challenges that professional security providers might face while providing their services.

For example, devices must be installed precisely in the right places to eliminate blind spots, and the correct combination of security devices and safety measures must be chosen by users, based on their business needs and property layout.

SECOM Smart Malaysia offer expert consultation to ensure that all your business security needs are met. Our security consultants are highly qualified experts in their field, with years of experience in security consultation. You can rely on their skills and advice in recommending the right safety measures to meet your business security needs.

Our consultants will meticulously survey and analyze your property, identifying security risks prior to recommendation on the most cost-efficient and effective security solutions for your specific security needs, and will minimize your business security risks and to maximize long-term returns, productivity, and safety. Our expert consultants will also provide strategic security planning to accommodate to your business security needs accordingly. With our trusted security consultants by your side, you and your employees’ assets, productivity and livelihood will be safeguarded, and your peace of mind preserved.

5. Expert installation & support

Furthermore, SECOM Smart Malaysia, a company of the SECOM group, Japan’s leading security provider for both business and home security needs, provides expert installation and support both pre and post purchase, in addition to our expert consultation services mentioned above.

We have a team of experts for installation and technical support at your service in times of emergency, such as requesting emergency support when the security system is down at your factory lot. Our installation team and technical support members have years of experience in service to major clients and the Malaysian community. You can rely on them to efficiently install components of our security system in the most effective areas, to address any blind spots in your business premises and property.

6. Security management for business at multiple locations

As a business owner, you might have multiple business locations in different regions, such as multiple retail shops across the Selangor region.

SECOM Smart security can cater to these multiple locations with expert security system installation and services. Security management of multiple business premises under one is possible with SECOM Smart Malaysia, allowing you monitoring access to all your businesses within a unified user interface.

7. 24-hour monitoring

Our range of alarm and sensors provide you with 24-hour monitoring services even when you are away. On top of that, SECOM Smart Malaysia has a 24-hour monitoring center that acts as backup monitoring service for you.

For example, the detection of unexpected movement, through any sensors such as our roller shutter sensors, would trigger an alarm. Our 24-hour monitoring center would call you to verify if you were aware of this movement. You may also check through live CCTV feed on our security app. Upon confirming that a possible intruder is trying to enter your shop, our 24-hour monitoring center will then alert respective authorities, providing you with emergency support.

This can be especially beneficial during emergencies, such as when immediate medical attention is needed for one of your employees. A simple push on our panic button (an emergency call button) that acts as an emergency call to our 24-hour monitoring center to request for emergency support and assistance would come in handy.


We hope that this article has helped explain why SECOM Smart Malaysia can be  your ideal business security provider. Our strengths lie in our expertise and range of products in crime and accident prevention.

Take the necessary safety measures in securing your business and work environment with our range of cost-efficient services and products.

Secure your business with us today!

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