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Easy and flexible home security features that every family member can use

Easy and flexible home security features that every family member can use

Security measures placed to satisfy your security needs can get complicated at times. The many steps can be daunting to some.

Such as the case where advancement of technology can be daunting to the elderly who are new to the tech world. According to the “Study of Smartphone Usage and Barriers Among the Elderly” report, published by Mohadisdudis and Ali (2014), a survey was conducted on 21 elderlies from the age of 60 and above in Malaysia with more than a year of experience with mobile phone usage on the barriers of using more advanced functions on mobile phones.

(Source: Study of Smartphone Usage and Barriers Among the Elderly [Mohadisdudis and Ali, 2014])

According to the table above, lack of knowledge was the key barrier for elderly people in using much more advanced functions. Similarly, overly complicated and lack of knowledge on basic security systems might be a reason why many would not opt for a home security system to cater to their security needs.

For the elderly who choose not to use smartphones due to the lack of knowledge, they would find no need in having security systems in place as they do not have monitoring access to these security systems at home. Therefore, it is understandable why Malaysians often opt out of having a security system in place at home.

In this article, we will go over some easy and flexible security features that every family member can use. This article would be especially useful for the elderly or those with young children, seeking security options to meet their security needs.

1. Panic button

This security feature is especially beneficial for the older generation and young children that do not own smartphones and would require immediate medical attention or emergency support during emergencies.

SECOM Smart Malaysia’s panic button is designed for users to summon help with one simple push of the button. This button is in red and is easily identifiable for the old and young.

For example, assume a child or elderly has fallen down the stairs at home. They or their caretaker could push the panic button for immediate support in getting the required medical attention.

This flexible system in place could help prevent any unwanted accidents from further escalating. It could also save lives in providing the medical attention required. The best part of it all is that family members from all age groups can use it without complications or need of smartphones.

2. Mobile applications

Technology has brought great flexibility in security measures. The most prominent one would be smartphone apps.

Most security providers offer mobile applications for 24-hour monitoring purposes. As CCTVs today are vastly changing into WiFi CCTV, self-monitoring is possible around the clock, 365 days a year. Security mobile app features are slowly becoming basic security needs. Gone are the days where security cameras were only playable through DVRs only.

SECOM Smart Malaysia’s WiFi CCTV allows you live footage of your home through our security app. You can monitor and watch current events at your house, 24 hours a day. Signals from motion sensors, smoke detectors and other devices will be sent to users through the smartphone app which allow users to respond to any emergency. If the user can’t access their phone, an efficient security provider will respond on their behalf and notify authorities if necessary.

But what if users find themselves in a sticky situation where they lose their phones and phone app?

Our 24-hour customer call center and web portal are available to assist during such events. By calling our 24-hour call center, or accessing our web security portal, our users can reset their security app’s password, ensuring that your lost phone cannot be used to breach your security system. Our web portal also allows users to remotely arm or disarm their security system. Users can remotely customize their security app settings through this web portal as well.

Having your security needs accessible by a mobile app is beneficial for all ages and every family member. Regardless of age, any family member that you trust with the responsibility can access their security app via their mobile phones.

3. House alarm system with various sensor lineups

A functional alarm system will meet your basic security needs when it not only comes with WiFi CCTV, but especially when a variety of sensors are included in your security alarm system.

To fully meet your security needs, a security alarm system should help you guard areas that cannot be completely covered by WiFi CCTV; these areas could be where intruders enter your property. Placing sensors in these areas and enlisting qualified installation experts and security consultants to find such areas in your home, will increase the effectiveness of your sensors in catching intruders before they reach your valuables or loved ones. Sensors connected to your security system should notify you and your family members through alarm sirens on premise. But if you have children or elderly individuals at home while you are away, how will you watch over your loved ones and know if they are well?

SECOM Smart Malaysia has the solution, as when our sensors detect unexpected movement, the sensors instantly alert all users connected to the SECOM Smart Security app. If intruders try to tamper with the sensors directly, an alarm will be activated. SECOM Smart Malaysia also allows outdoor security sirens to be connected to this security system.

There are many situations where your multiple sensors, linked by a competently installed alarm system, can be critical to preserving the safety of your loved ones. For example, if you have invested in one of our SECOM Smart Malaysia’s security packages, such as our Hero Plus Package, you have access to a flexible system composed of a variety of sensors. By placing sensors in areas of your property, based on the input of professional security consultants and installation team, you can expand your security network to areas that cannot be covered by WiFi CCTV. Should a burglar try to intrude through the windows or doorway, well placed vibration and motion sensors will detect any movement while your security system is armed, and your Smart Security app will notify you. Should the burglar have an accomplice, and both were moving through your front yard, outdoor motion sensors and other indoor sensors can widen your security network’s field of detection.

Many alarm systems which are easy to install include simple but secure devices with which the user can wireless keypads for arming or disarming the security system, but our Smart Security app also has the same function for your convenience. SECOM Smart Malaysia’s alarm system can be armed and disarmed through our key fob, wireless keypad, and mobile security app, creating a flexible system that all household members can use.

SECOM Smart Malaysia’s sensors are also easy to install on walls, doors, and areas wherever you desire. They are sophisticatedly designed and easily harmonized with your exterior and interior design of your home.

There are also other sensors offered by SECOM Smart Malaysia, providing you with a flexible system that meets your security needs.

4. WiFi CCTV & recording

Along with the advancement of IoT technology, CCTVs are slowly shifting into WiFi CCTV. Family members away from home can easily monitor their homes through their smartphone or PC. With the combined use of WiFi CCTV and cloud recording, no criminal movement can go unnoticed.

WiFi CCTV and alarm systems are considered basic security combinations in safeguarding a home. Through the presence of Wi-Fi and mobile applications, children and grandparents can easily monitor their homes at the push of an app. While sensors can be effective at detecting movement through places that WiFi CCTV devices cannot cover, having them on your property can help you personally search for and record the presence of intruders on the premises.

SECOM Smart Malaysia’s cloud server can store recordings online, and our on-board 24/7 recording system ensures all footage is transmitted in real time to the user’s SECOM Smart app, preventing security recordings and footage from being tampered with by criminals.


Securing your home with the necessary precautions and flexible systems are crucial for your safety and peace of mind.

Ensuring that all family members can use the installed security features at your home is crucial in making sure your homes is always protected.

The security features mentioned in this article can all help fulfill not only your basic security needs but also specialized security needs that all family members can use. With our SECOM Smart Security smartphone app, your home’s security is within your fingertips. The panic button can be used to send emergency signals to the security provider’s monitoring team or your family member’s smartphones, letting you know of any potential emergencies and medical attention required. House alarms can be armed, disarmed, and monitored at your convenience, allowing you to know of any movements in your home. Finally, WiFi CCTV and recording features can help you and qualified security providers track and deter any criminals from breaking-in.

Book a consultation with us today, to secure you and your loved ones’ way of life and peace of mind!

H. M. Mohadisdudis and N. M. Ali, 2014, “A study of smartphone usage and barriers among the elderly,” 2014 3rd International Conference on User Science and Engineering (i-USEr), Shah Alam, Malaysia, pp. 109-114, doi: 10.1109/IUSER.2014.7002686.

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