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How to choose a security supplier for your home

How to choose a security supplier for your home

One of the most important steps in setting up your new home is choosing a security supplier that meets your security needs.

However, choosing a reliable and trusted home security provider, amidst an overflowing of number of suppliers available can be a burden. Often, we would choose the easy way out and purchase the security devices that we think meets our basic security needs ourselves from any shop we find online or in a mall. When the security system in place breaks down, we can’t seem to find the supplier we purchased these security devices from as most of these small businesses end up moving or closing down due to their personal reasons. Does this sound familiar?

In this article, we will be sharing with you 5 steps to help you choose your security provider.

1. Understand your security needs

The first step is to understand your house’s security needs and priorities. Understanding your security needs will then help you decide the safety measures you require.

For example, you need a security provider that allows you basic security monitoring functions from your phone when you are away. A security system with network connection and a convenient app for smartphone would be an appropriate choice to meet your security needs.

In this example, security suppliers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia allows live footage from the CCTV cameras to be viewed from your phone when you are away. A security solution that would meet your security needs.

2. Set a budget and personally determine the necessary security solutions needed

Once you have determined and understood your security needs, the next step would be to allocate a budget for these security solutions to be installed in your home. Basic security systems would incur costs, from the purchase of security devices up to the installation phase. Security service that goes with network or utilizing Cloud technology may also need a monthly fee. It is good to set aside a budget for these safety measures and security solutions.

Before contacting a security provider, it is recommended to make a checklist of the necessary security devices desired. Learning about their basic security function would help ease the process in installing your desired home security system.

For example, learning the basic security functions of SECOM Smart Malaysia’s wireless keypad security device would help in both the installation and usage process. You can also teach your family members on how to use the security solutions installed in your home in ensuring that these safety measures in your home are functioning well.

3. Contact security provider representative

Once you have determined the above, you can then go ahead and contact a security provider.

If  you have no experience when choosing or purchasing a security service, we strongly recommend you to contact and compare among several security service providers. Usually, these security service providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia would provide free consultation by their professional personnel, who will then provide suggestions based on their experience in addressing your concerns. Take your time in comparing and contacting different security providers in ensuring that your security needs are met by such security providers. After all, you are the paying customer and you deserve value for money security solutions for your home and loved ones.

To contact SECOM Smart Malaysia, you can simply fill in a contact us form stating your security needs and enquiries. You can also book a free consultation with us at the time convenient to you to discuss on the basic security systems and safety measures you desire.

Learn more about the services, security solutions, and security devices we provide at SECOM Smart Malaysia through a free consultation with us today. This can help you make your decision when choosing the right security solutions and security provider that meets your security needs.

4. Understand the expectations

Once you have contacted your desired security provider, it is important to understand the expected services and deliverables from your home security provider. Expectations include overall quality of services included, tech support provided, discount or packages offered etc. Whether the quotation and the service contents are clearly detailed is an important criterion on choosing a security service provider.

SECOM Smart Malaysia is committed to providing reliable Japanese security precision to our customers. Learn about our services and packages through our free consultation service with us today.

5. Prepare for installation

If the process listed above meets your security needs and expectations, the chosen safety measures and security solutions will then be installed into your new home for you to enjoy by your home security provider such as SECOM Smart Malaysia.

It is always recommended to have experts carry out the installation phase to avoid further complications or issues. A qualified installation team that has gone through extensive professional training and possess years of experience in this field will install the chosen security devices in locations that provide the best security coverage. Experts will also ensure that these devices are functioning properly, both during and after installation.

Once installation is complete, sit back, relax, and enjoy your home’s security system.


Burglary is not uncommon in Malaysia, and it is highly recommended to secure your home with reliable security solutions and necessary safety measures to safeguard your home and loved ones. It is important to go with a trusted and reliable security provider like SECOM Smart Malaysia who are dedicated to providing Japanese standard precision when it comes to security solutions in meeting every security need.

SECOM Smart Malaysia will help provide you with a peace of mind when securing your home. We have customizable packages and security solutions to meet your security needs.

We hope this article has helped you identify the steps in choosing a suitable security provider for your home. Rest assured when you choose reliable security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia, we will always be at your service, regardless how small the issue is.

Contact us today to learn more about our services, security devices and security solutions!

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