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How to keep your home safe

How to keep your home safe

Whether you are setting up your new home, moving to an unfamiliar area, or simply wishing to keep your family safe from afar, it is always a good option to take necessary security steps as safety measures in safeguarding your homes.

With the advancement of technology in today’s world, there is a wide spectrum of security options available to homeowners and business entrepreneurs, catering to various security needs.

One of the biggest deterrence in preventing crime from happening is surveillance cameras and audible alarm systems. As seen in the graph below, the most effective deterrent lies in cameras and surveillance systems. More than 50% of burglars would halt intrusion attempts due to surveillance cameras and alarm systems in place.

(Source: Do Surveillance Cameras Actually Deter Criminals? – Arcdyn Articles)

Both surveillance cameras and alarm systems in place are examples of safety measures and security options that can help secure your new home and keep your family and loved ones safe.

In addition to that, we will further explore other recommended security options that act as safety measures in securing your new home, family, and loved ones in this article.

1. CCTV surveillance cameras

The first security option we will be introducing is CCTV.

CCTV cameras are no strangers to homeowners and families. They are affordable physical security options to cater to basic security needs for all family sizes. They provide another set of eyes on your new home while you are away. Because of its security benefits, as mentioned earlier, CCTV cameras can even deter criminals from breaking into your new home or property.

Reliable security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia offers both indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras that are great options in securing your new home both inside and out. Our Wi-Fi CCTV cameras will be your new home’s eyes in the sky in enforcing criminal prevention and safeguarding your family. Our wireless Wi-Fi CCTV cameras can also be mounted on any surface, indoors and outdoors, providing additional safety measures in and around your new home. With its wide range of vision and night vision, our CCTV cameras help you keep an eye on things that matter most to you, based on your security needs.

Usually, CCTV cameras are the first go-to safety measures in protecting families and loved ones. If your security needs go beyond crime deterrence, please contact us to know more about our other security options for your new home and loved ones.

2. Video recorder

The next security option to be introduced is video recorder.

CCTV camera footages are usually stored in a secured cloud or on-premises server for future references. In case of break-ins or accidents on site, image or video footage could be archived and be used as evidence to eliminate losses. For example, by checking the app and security database, you could see how your new home was broken into.

SECOM Smart Malaysia’s streaming video recorder can link up to 8 cameras for continuous recording, allowing homeowners storage and accessibility.

3. Sensors and alarms

Sensors such as motion and door sensors are also great security options. As stated in the graph above, they also act as deterrence.

Motion sensors are triggers that could alert users of unwanted movements in certain areas which could be easily set based on your new home’s security needs. You can choose where you wish to install these motion sensors by seeking professional advice from security providers in targeting blind spots that are hard to reach through other security options or safety measures. Safety measures upon unwanted triggers on the motion sensors would be taken in alarming you and other administrators. If you are away and have armed your security system, your sensors will detect unexpected movement in and around any area where the sensors are installed; the sensors will send both the Security app users and the 24-hour monitoring centre an alert signal, which can be swiftly investigated. Motion sensors without the camera function are recommended security options for those who emphasize security without compromising privacy. All in all, sensors are a great security option and feature for an ease of mind while you are away from your home.

SECOM Smart Malaysia’s motion sensor has a remarkable battery life of 4 to 8.5 years combined with exceptional performance. Consult with our team of expert consultants in choosing the best sensor types and installation location for your new home.

Other sensors from Secom Smart Malaysia include door sensors that monitor the opening and closing of doors and windows, shock sensors that provides pre warning of an attempted intrusion or trespass, vibration sensors that can distinguish between forces such as cutting and drilling to the harmless low-frequency vibrations of wind gusts in alerting of possible break-ins, and many more. Please enquire for more information on the different motion sensors that can cater to your security needs.

These sensors are usually used as part of an alarm system. As mentioned, the sensors offered by SECOM Smart Malaysia are catered to each specific security need desired by each homeowner. These safety measures help ward off unwanted guests and intruders, especially when you are away or are soundly asleep into the night.

4. Panic button

This security option is a rather unique one. Not all security providers provide a panic button as a security option. Panic button is also a safety measure that can meet your security needs.

When we think of burglars breaking into our homes in the middle of the night, the first course of action that comes to mind is to discretely contact the police for help. This panic button security feature can help save time in alerting respective authorities before burglars can physically threaten you.

The panic button security option is a feature that allows users to call for help during times of emergency. This security option offered by SECOM Smart Malaysia can be placed at certain areas in your home based on your security needs and desire. For example, when a young child is home alone during a suspected burglary, a simple push on the panic button under the living room table could instantly notify SECOM Smart Malaysia’s monitoring center that will assist you in contacting relevant authorities if necessary. This safety measure can be a time saving option that helps you protect your family and loved ones in times of emergency and imminent danger.

SECOM Smart Malaysia’s panic button is not only a physical device but also available in our smart phone app for more flexibility and convenience at the tip of your finger.

5. Additional accessories

Additional accessories add extra value to your new home’s safety measures.  Accessories further enhance the functionality of existing security options and systems, providing an extra layer of protection to your new home.

At SECOM Smart Malaysia, we are committed to equipping your new home and security needs with the necessary safety measures and devices. We provide a wide range of additional accessories to further protect and secure your new home and loved ones.

SECOM Smart Malaysia’s security system comes with a main security control panel. Our control panel provides comprehensive solutions which include remote management, live visual monitoring, and emergency monitoring, all through connection with our Smart Security app.

Another one of SECOM Smart Malaysia’s additional accessories is outdoor siren. Our outdoor siren can generate a unique alarm sound for fire and burglary to inform users of the type of danger, and work with the abovementioned control panel to emit entry, exit delay, and low battery beeps. It is also waterproof and elegantly designed. A great addition for smart and new homes.

Additionally, we have other additional accessories such as outdoor motion detectors, repeater, and wireless keypad that compliments existing security features in place. For example, SECOM Smart Malaysia’s wireless keypad allows users quick access to their security system which is essential in securing your new home. Our SECOM Smart Security phone app also helps secure your new home as simple and efficient as pressing a button.

To find out more about SECOM Smart Malaysia’s additional security options and accessories such as SECOM Smart Security phone app, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Depending on your security needs, these security options can work collaboratively or independently in securing your new home. It is always recommended to equip your home with the suitable safety measures and security devices (e.g CCTV, motion sensors, etc.) that we have covered in this article.

When it comes to securing your new home and loved ones, it is important to seek professional advice from experts in ensuring that you have the right safety measures and security system in place.

Reliable security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia provides a smoother transition into your new home, with less complications and more security options catered to your security needs. Contact SECOM Smart Malaysia today for a free consultation session!

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