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Safety measures to protect your family and loved ones

Safety measures to protect your family and loved ones

Home security is often associated with protecting our family and loved ones. There are many safety measures one can take in protecting their family and loved ones such as teaching young children not to talk to strangers.

When it comes to child safety, you would not believe how often children go missing in Malaysia. According to Free Malaysia Today, approximately 1,509 children in Malaysia have gone missing between 2020 to February 2022 (source: 1,509 children have gone missing since 2020, says Bukit Aman | Free Malaysia Today (FMT)). In 2017, The Star reported that an average one in four children go missing in the country. (source: High price to pay in name of freedom | The Star).

(Source: More than half of missing children in Malaysia are runaways – Malaysia Indicator)

In Malaysia, child abduction from schools, playgrounds, homes, and public places by strangers could be one of the contributing factors in the rapid numbers of missing children in the country, alongside runaways. This occurrence has become a constant fear among families and parents when it comes to safeguarding their child’s safety. To combat this, it is important to carry out recommended safety measures in protecting your loved ones including your children, and elderly.

May it be that you are a young family or an old couple living far away from your family, there are various safety measures available to protect your family and loved ones.

In this article, we will cover some safety measures that can help ensure your family and child’s safety. These safety measures also allow you the flexibility of 24 hours monitoring by yourself and by a professional security company, especially for those who wish to protect their parents or children that are living in a different district.

1. Learn about your neighbourhood

Learning about your neighbourhood is especially important when you are moving your home into a new area. Understanding the crime rate in your neighbourhood will also help you decide on the necessary safety measures that meet your security needs in protecting your child’s safety and other loved ones.

You can learn more about your neighbourhood by looking and observing what safety measures your neighbours are using. Some homeowners place official trademarked decals outside their doors or gates, which indicates which security provider they are currently using, such as SECOM Smart Malaysia’s trademarked red decal.

It also gives you an understanding of the security level at your residential area. If a lot of your neighbours have their own security features installed at home, it probably tells us that there is a need for these safety measures in place.

2. Look at home security options

There are a wide variety of home security options available in meeting your security needs. Our other articles (link to “how to secure your home” article on “articles” word) provide a simple understanding of different home security options available from home security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia. Having a basic understanding of the security options available for home security needs through our articles and further consultation with us would help you choose the right home security option for your home and loved ones.

When it comes to safeguarding your home and family, home security needs can be broken down into two main categories: family and asset protection.  Family protection security needs are to protect parents, children, spouse, pets, relatives etc, whereas asset protection security needs are to protect valuable assets such as property.

Here at SECOM Smart Malaysia, we understand that your top priority is in protecting your family, such as in ensuring child safety, protecting parents, and safeguarding your pets. We offer a variety of security features and services to ensure your lifestyle, and loved ones are secured. We offer security devices such as CCTV, door sensors, and many more that can cater to your family and asset protection security needs.

Our security services include emergency support services in times of fire, break-ins, and medical emergencies with our panic button feature and accessibility of the SECOM Smart Security app. Our alarm system also provides 24-hour monitoring services to help protect your family and loved ones, anytime, anywhere.

These security services and safety measures are especially beneficial for those who have parents or relatives living in a different area. They can help protect your parents by providing services such as medical emergency support during an accidental fall or law enforcement (police) support during an unwanted visit in the night. In short, these features and services help protect parents, promote child safety, and even help watch over your little furry friends.

SECOM Smart Malaysia is committed to providing reliable security options that meet your security needs. To learn more about the security features we provide at SECOM Smart Malaysia, contact us today for us to understand your security needs. Your security needs and peace of mind are assured with SECOM Smart Malaysia’s security consultants from their professional perspective.

3. Educate your family and loved ones on ways to use your home security systems

Once a home security option (e.g CCTV or alarm system) is in place, it is advisable to educate your family on how to use them especially family members who do not live under the same roof and are far away.

For family members such as parents who live in a different area, it is important that they learn and are aware of how to use these security services and features. Failure in doing so would have adverse effects of a security function in place. For example, an unaware family member could potentially disarm the alarm system and its 24-hour monitoring feature by accident. Sometimes, parents who live away and do not know how to use the panic button feature would not be able to call for medical emergency support when needed.

When using services provided by security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia, our installation team will advise you on how to use the installed security features in your home. You can then teach your spouse, siblings, parents, children, and even relatives on how to utilize these safety measures and functions. For example, educating your family members on how to arm and disarm SECOM Smart Malaysia’s alarm through the smartphone app or a key fob conveniently so that it does not trigger any unnecessary false alarms and unwanted glares from your neighbours.

4. Educate your family and loved ones about stranger danger

This goes without saying, that on top of educating your family about the security options in place in your home, you should also educate your parents, children and loved ones on basic safety measures when dealing with strangers, emergencies inside and outside of home, to better prepare them when they are not within your sight. This knowledge can help ensure your parent’s and child’s safety.

Majority of missing children’s cases in Malaysia stems for running away. (source: M’sian Police Reveals That On Average, 4 Children Go Missing Every Day in Our Country – WORLD OF BUZZ) Often times, it is easy to fall bait into false pretence and promises by strangers we meet online.

Therefore, it is always recommended for parents and families to take safety measures in educating not only the young, but also the old, on data sharing on the internet when it comes to social media channels, meeting strangers online, and most importantly, click baits. This is especially crucial in terms of privacy and data protection for your parents, family, and child’s safety.

5. Choose a reliable security provider

Once you have an understanding of home security options available from point number 2, the next safety measure would be to choose a reliable security provider. Reliability of any safety measure is crucial in protecting your family and loved ones. Going with unreliable and “fishy” security systems and providers that promise value for money at the expense of your family, parents, and even, child’s safety, puts you and your loved ones at greater risk!

We cannot stress the importance of this safety measure for your family and loved ones. Always go with a reliable security provider such as SECOM Smart Malaysia that puts your family and child’s safety as priority, with decades of experience in providing reliable security solutions and services for all security needs.

SECOM Smart Malaysia’s security options and features are geared to notify you of any system failure, such as battery or power outages. An additional safety measure that SECOM Smart Malaysia offers is our control panel’s backup SIM card, which ensures that the control panel can still transmit alert signals even when the local Wi-Fi isn’t strong or receptive.

SECOM Smart Malaysia’s security services can also detect sensor malfunctions. This detection would alert users and respective supporting agents from SECOM Smart Malaysia’s call centre who can troubleshoot this issue remotely. This helps reduce sensor malfunction downtime, together with our 24-hour monitoring, ensuring your peace of mind to the maximum extent.

You will not feel ripped off when you entrust your home security needs to a reliable security provider such as SECOM Smart Malaysia who offers trustworthy security services and options such as our 24-hour call centre service in times of immediate need of medical emergency support or other assistance. You can rest assure that your security system is always up and running, protecting your home, and loved ones.

6. Stay informed

Last but not least, stay informed about the activities that are happening in your household and home. This is often a neglected safety measure as many have the mindset of, “they should be fine.”

Many families have group chats to stay up to date with everyone’s whereabouts. Other than constant communication with family members, there are also security options provided by security providers that can help you stay informed with the whereabouts of your family and loved ones such as SECOM Smart Malaysia’s security app.

Even when nobody is home, our SECOM Smart Malaysia security app allows you to interpret and respond to any signals from your security system at home. You can also always stay informed through SECOM Smart Malaysia’s Security app’s live CCTV feeds. This would help ensure your family’s safety especially your child’s safety when they are home alone in preventing kidnapping incidents while you are away.

There are a few safety measures one can take in protecting their child’s safety, parents, and loved ones even when they are away.

Some key highlights to take away from this article are:

  1. Learn about your neighbourhood and the security options available in fulfilling your security needs.
  2. Educate your family members on stranger danger and how to use the safety measures installed at home.
  3. Always stay up to date with the events that are happening at your home.

To know more about SECOM Smart Malaysia’s home security devices and features that can help you protect your child’s safety, parents and elderly, send us an inquiry today!

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