Create a culture of safety for your family today.

Now with SECOM Smart you can protect your family with state of the art security technology and 24/7 monitoring from the palm of your hands.

  • Enjoy life without constantly worrying about keeping yourself, your assets and loved ones safe.
  • SECOM Smart Malaysia provides expert security knowledge and advice along with professional installation.
  • Trusted and verified with over 100 years of Japanese excellence in technology.

Why choose SECOM Smart Malaysia?

Practical Solutions

We will not only provide the right security solutions for your needs and respond swiftly to your security concerns but will also answer your queries at any time through WhatsApp!

Comprehensive security service

Whether you are awake or asleep, anytime, and anywhere, our technology and service form a security ecosystem that covers your blind spots from every angle.


Premium technology for airtight security

AI-based motion-detection for CCTV, infrared wide-range motion-detection for sensors; these features ensure your security system watches your property and loved ones for you. 


Professional support

Our maintenance support can handle any upgrade or repair to your system, whether your system is from SECOM Smart Malaysia or a pre-existing list of devices.


Quick access for quick action

With our Smart Security App, all wireless security systems will be accessible, from your phone or PC, for you to view live CCTV feeds and receive live alarm notifications from your sensors.


Complex technology; Simple to use

One tap of your finger is all you need to command our advanced wireless security features.

Improving the lifestyle of Malaysian home owners

Security Consultant support

Our professional security consultants will advise you on the ideal layout of your security system for your specific property.

Physical and digital security

We keep you and your loved ones safe from robbers and secure your CCTV recordings away from hackers.

Successful & customizable offering

The cutting edge SECOM Smart Technology and Service ecosystem

SECOM Smart Security
Wireless CCTV + Cloud Storage

  • Wide-angle camera lens and clear image resolution; our agents can spot threats for you.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker; remotely warn or welcome any intruder or guest.
  • Movement-detection technology for identifying actual threats, not just stray animals, or objects; no false alarms, no waste of your valuable time.
  • Live CCTV feed for your knowledge and our swift action.
  • Online Cloud storage: your CCTV recordings are out of any hacker’s reach.
  • Screen reader support for visually impaired individuals.

24/7 Central Monitoring Service
& Professional Installation

  • 24/7 monitoring to secure your safety and sleep.
  • Attended by professionals 24/7, for assured assistance even under threat.
  • Fully compatible with most relevant security packages with alarm sensor and CCTV included.
  • Visual Verification Service: Our monitoring staff can instantly be notified when CCTV units detect unauthorised movement, then notify you or the authorities
  • Stress-free Installation: No cable-laying or wall-hacking required, no unnecessary mess.
  • Fast service: reduces downtime when installing or fixing your hardware.

Products specially curated for Malaysian homes

Packages to suit your needs

SECOM Smart CP155+

All encompassing security package without any compromise for you or your family’s safety.

SECOM Smart VG60+

All encompassing security package without any compromise for you or your family’s safety.

Modern security threats can be countered with the right security solutions


Ms. Izyan

Manager of Imperia Asia 12 Years User

With great satisfaction, we announce the establishment of a new branch adjacent to Rawang, further enhanced by the incorporation of SECOM Smart security provisions within the premises. The successful deployment of this system fills us with gratitude. The remarkable efficacy of the SECOM Smart security system has deeply impressed us, reinforcing our commitment to advocate for its merits. In light of our own outstanding experience, we enthusiastically intend to extend our heartfelt recommendations to the residents and businesses in our vicinity.


Dr. Rama and Dr. Anita

Residential Owner, Petaling Jaya 27 Years User

Compared to our previous alarm system, these experiences demonstrated SECOM Smart’s modernity, user-friendliness, and improved notifications. Dr. Rama also shared a suggestion about pricing, reflecting on a previous company’s approach that offered reduced rates for long-standing clients. Technically, we found the siren volume of the alarm to be softer than desired, unlike the previous, louder system. We recommend SECOM Smart to enhance the siren’s audibility. We also touched upon the importance of outdoor sirens, highlighting their effectiveness in deterring intruders.

Mr. Louis

Residential Owner, Selayang 15 Years User

A long-standing player in the security system industry has received valuable feedback from Mr. Louis, shedding light on the need for adapting its business model to meet contemporary customer expectations. Despite its reliable product, the company’s approach and customer engagement strategies must evolve to remain competitive. Secom Smart’s reliability is commendable. Through proactive customer engagement, updated services, and customer-friendly pricing, the company can ensure its continued success while preserving customer loyalty.

over 100 years of Japanese excellence in technology
over 3.5 million subscribers worldwide
over 17 countries & territories across the world

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The Monthly Security Fee covers the following:

  • 24/7 Central Monitoring Service with 24 hours alarm monitoring and technical support
  • Up to 5 years equipment warranty
  • SIM card services with back-up communication to Central Monitoring Service
  • High-security encrypted connectivity for CCTVs over Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Cloud server storage for surveillance footage

All security packages come with 3 years warranty by default. Users may extend their warranty for an additional 2 years.

The warranty covers 1 to 1 exchange on devices with manufacturing defects only.

While our trained technicians will configure the alarm panel’s primary mode of communication to the SIM card, video monitoring devices are not recommended until your home subscribes for an internet plan with a local service provider.
Users may upload up to 5,000 new clips per calendar month, depending on existing add-ons. Once a user’s account reaches the maximum upload limit, all non-alarm recording rules are paused and cannot be resumed until the first day of the following month. Upon maximum storage usage (100% storage utilized), your oldest unprotected clip will be deleted when new clips are recorded.
Installation typically requires half a day up to 2 days to be completed, depending on the quantity of CCTVs and sensors to be installed and existing site conditions.
SECOM Smart Insurance provides financial relief in the form of a lump sum payment in the following situations:
  • RM5,000 payment in the event of any loss or damage as a result of robbery to the Insured’s premises. Limited to two payments per policy year.
  • RM10,000 payment when the Insured’s premises becomes unfit for habitation or occupancy, and/or is inaccessible as a result of direct physical damage occurring 24 hours prior. Limited to two payments per policy year.
Each SECOM Smart system may have a maximum of 48,000 clips and/or a total of 40 wireless CCTVs.
Users may download the following apps on their respective devices to gauge their WiFi strength from the desired wireless CCTV location. WiFi strength of -67dBm or better is recommended. iOS users: AirPort Utility Android users: Wifi Analyser
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