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With over 30 years of expert experience in residential and business smart security systems. We are uniquely positioned to help the community at large.


Dedicated 24/7 monitoring service


Extensive CCTV, access control and device options


Our friendly dedicated servicing team

360-Degree Security Coverage

  • Big organizations, or expanding businesses with multiple chains
  • Consistency of security amongst your chains of business
  • Using SECOM Smart security eco system, Camera, Smart APP and Alarm (wireless, wired or hybrid) to protect your businesses.
  • Quotation flexibility means you can order as many cameras as possible, sensors or perimeter motion detectors as is suitable for your project size.
  • Also suitable for offices and retail outlets which might need access control.

Risk and Security Consultancy services

  • With our dedicated security consultants, we are always looking to serve and better the community at large.
  • Whether it be a big project or a small premise our security consultants can provide audits that outlines potential key risk areas, advice and possible action plans to improve your security situations etc.
  • Our aim is to mitigate risk for our clients to give them the best possible analysis based on our experience as a industry leader

Hybrid Integration

  • We can integrate our systems into your traditional security setups.
  • We can provide App solutions combined with wireless systems to create wider range and coverage.
  • Perfect for gated and guarded communities and developer related projects.

AI security

  • Our CCTV camera systems have AI integration meaning we have accurate motion detection and machine learning.
  • With Video Analytics we can scan your property and notify you when a person, vehicle, or animal is identified.
  • Advanced detection rules enhance perimeter security by alerting you when someone’s coming or going, or even loitering on your property/business

Total Wireless

  • We can provide a full wireless solution for big sites for alarm systems, including sensors, panels and smoke detectors.
  • Multi Camera Quotation and functionality
  • Wireless and Internet Solutions to solve connectivity between systems. We provide Wifi Mesh and the latest Routers to improve your internet situation as well.

Our Clients

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Let's install now! Watch this to make your home safe.

Let's install now! Watch this to make your home safe.

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