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Recommended safety measures for your home

Now that we have covered safety measures, basic security options and steps to securing your home and loved ones, it is time to go over the recommended safety measures and security options you can take in securing your home based on your individual security needs.

The best CCTV cameras for businesses

CCTV are surveillance cameras that are set up as basic security safety measures in protecting your homes and businesses

Why choose SECOM Smart Malaysia for your home security needs

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy security provider that is always available to reach out when emergency support is needed is crucial in securing your home and loved ones.

Criteria to consider when choosing a security provider for home security needs

Crime still prevails every day and it is still a recommendation to have safety measures in place to guard your home.

5 things burglars don’t want you to know for your house security

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a burglar breaking into your house would be a black masked man entering from your windowsill in the middle of the night. 

5 Benefits of securing your business remotely

There are many benefits in securing your business remotely wherever you may be. This is especially helpful for those who travel a lot for work and would like a peace of mind in knowing that their business is in good hands through remote monitoring features available to them. 

Importance of securing your business 24/7 on-the-go

The pandemic has affected businesses around the world and have changed the way businesses think by placing more emphasis on digital enablement and remote monitoring facilities. 

How to improve worker productivity with SECOM Smart Business Security

When opening or starting a business, there are a few factors to consider prior to the start date such as ensuring that the business premise is in a safe location and is equipped with necessary safety measures and security systems such as alarm systems or having the basic first aid kits on site. 

How to choose a security supplier for your home

One of the most important steps in setting up your new home is choosing a security supplier that meets your security needs.

What security solutions should you invest in to protect your home, business and family?

We often think that physical security systems and devices are too costly to install at our homes or business premises.

What are CCTV & alarm systems?

In today’s world, CCTV is no stranger to our lives. For example, we have installed dash cameras in our cars to discourage thieves from breaking into our cars. The same is advisable for our homes.

Easy and flexible home security features that every family member can use

Security measures placed to satisfy your security needs can get complicated at times. The many steps can be daunting to some.