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Security solutions for every business need

Security solutions for every business need

If you are a business owner looking to secure your business through physical business security systems or other business security measures, look no further.

We will cover security solutions for every business security need in this article.

Businesses of different sizes and industries, in different areas, are all recommended to have security systems installed in their building facilities. Whether you are a small or large enterprise, safety measures are crucial in ensuring your assets, and through protecting your employees, can continue operation at all times.

Security solutions and systems not only deter crime and secure business, but also help businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and hospitals, to check on operations and worker productivity in and outside building facilities.

So what security solutions are available for businesses?

Physical Access control system

Physical access control is used to manage who enters, when they enter, and how they enter a space. An access control system typically refers to an electronic security system that uses identifiers, such as access cards, to authorize people to enter certain areas. These systems can provide valuable data to help track movements and how building facilities are being used for business security purposes.

They are a safety measure that allow access to registered or authorized personnel with the authority to lock and unlock the doors to the building facilities, providing an exterior layer of protection for employee safety and business security.

For businesses in office buildings or buildings in general, it is advisable to have door access systems that limit entry to those without permission.

Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras, also known as CCTV, are great security solutions for every business security needs.

Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras allow business owners and users to monitor what is happening inside and outside the business premises and building facilities.

Security cameras are great solutions for both small and large enterprises, from businesses as small as grocers to large enterprises such as hotels. Grocers can keep track of customers entering and exiting their business premises for business security monitoring in real time. For hotels, managers can stay informed on operation productivity and performance through surveillance, on top of managing hotel security risks.

Furthermore, CCTV customization is possible, based on your business security needs. Customization functions include flexible planning of surveillance areas, user access to surveillance footage and sensor-monitored areas that can be tracked on these surveillance footages. These CCTV customizations enhance the flexibility of your business security.

Surveillance cameras are a suitable safety measure for all business sizes, allowing owners or managers to remotely monitor their building facilities and operation productivity.

Alarm systems and sensors

Similar to bedside alarms, that are used to wake you up so that you do not miss any work meetings, business alarm systems work in the same way, notifying business owners of possible intrusions and unwanted visits to your business’ building facilities.

Alarm systems work well when paired with the above mentioned surveillance cameras but work even better when collectively matched with sensors, to best secure your business.

Sensors are safety measures that address how a security system will be able to detect unexpected activity in and around your business premises, as sensors are the ‘senses’ of a security system. These sensors, such as motion sensors, vibration sensors, and doorway sensors will detect any movement within the building facilities, when armed beforehand, and send an alarm signal through the security network. The alarm signal would either trigger an alarm siren on-site or ideally be transferred to a professional monitoring service to alert either the business owner or respective authorities accordingly. In this way, a security system that pairs alarm systems with sensors can address your basic business security needs.

Sensors can be placed in different parts of a building. Sensors, such as motion sensors, can be placed in small cabinets and on doors to alert business owners of suspicious movements into, out of, or around key areas of your business and building facilities.

For businesses with authorized personnel rooms as part of the building facilities, should unauthorized individuals attempt to sneak into such authorized personnel rooms, sensors would be triggered, and will alert administrators of such incidents.

For smaller businesses, a few small and well-placed sensors should suffice. However, for bigger businesses, a variety of sensors and alarm systems for business security in building facilities would provide a complete security ecosystem in securing your business.

Monitoring service

Apart from security devices such as surveillance cameras and alarm systems for business security, monitoring services provided by security companies is also a security solution for every business security need.

Monitoring services act as backup to the security of your business property, and can help you ensure that any incident could be responded to as early as possible. For example, when a fire breaks out at your business premises, monitoring services provide an extra layer of business security, by contacting respective authorities so that the fire does not escalate any further.

This service is beneficial for all businesses in times of emergencies, especially during off hours. It provides 24-hour assurance that your business is secured, 365 days a year, even while you are asleep.

Emergency and fire safety system

Another security solution that is compatible for every business security need and business size is the emergency and fire safety system.

Natural disasters are beyond our control. Other emergencies, such as break-ins or on-site accidents, are also a cause of concern to many. Such emergencies can be prevented and combated through necessary emergency and fire safety systems.

Emergency services include emergency buttons, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, and emergency call centers. Monitoring services mentioned above also act as emergency services that security providers provide in times of emergencies for your business and building facilities.

All businesses should equip their business premises and building facilities with recommended fire alarms, extinguishers, first aid kits, emergency protocols, and emergency buttons to call for help during emergencies.

Cybersecurity system

Information and sensitive data are valuable assets of any business. Cybersecurity is one business security aspect that should not be forgotten.

Take the necessary antivirus, data encryption, firewall protection and other cybersecurity measures in protecting your business’s private and confidential assets and information.

Taking such measures can protect business security and prevent further losses that could incur both physically and mentally.


Even high-profile businesses and buildings, such as major enterprises or bank chains, still run a risk of break-ins. In 2015, about 23 break-ins took place in government offices in Putrajaya between August and October. The modus operandi of the break-in was based on familiarity with the building facilities and exit points. (Source:

Never take for granted the security solutions and systems that are available to help secure your business. Why risk it, when you can act with the aid of the listed security solutions and safety measures?

Security companies such as SECOM Smart Malaysia can help protect your business and assets. We provide monitoring and emergency services catered to your business security needs. We invite you to contact us for more information and book a free consultation session with us today!

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