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What security solutions should you invest in to protect your home, business and family?

What security solutions should you invest in to protect your home, business and family?

We often think that physical security systems and devices are too costly to install at our homes or business premises.

However, the after effect of losing treasured family heirlooms or sentimental belongings, or even leaving your family vulnerable to theft could cost more in the long run. Investing in a robust security system and service with a thorough coverage today can help you save for your future. You can safeguard your family’s well-being by preventing break-ins and accidents at your home with reliable security solutions.

Think of security services and solutions as an investment. Much like financial investments in the property market. Property investments provide not only a physical home but also possible appreciation in the property market in the future. This appreciation in property value provides capital gains in return to investors when flipped. Similarly, investing in a security system and solution will provide you with added value by safeguarding your family and minimizing probable losses in the future.

It is better to invest in a reliable security system today to prevent any regret in the future.

What are Security Solutions?

Before we dive in any deeper, let’s go over what security solutions are. Security solutions are designed to complete a security system. A security system is an integrated ecosystem consisting of real-time monitoring and surveillance generated from security devices.

We at SECOM Smart Malaysia support your right to choose the best combination of security devices to fulfill your specific security needs. We provide a suite of security devices, solutions, and services, and the advice from our qualified security consultants to help you choose the best security solutions for you. Our security consultants will advise you on the most cost-efficient security solutions for your needs. Our security app also allows you to access alerts and visual confirmation through real-time live-feed connection between your security devices, CCTV cameras and security app.

We also offer installation services, after sales maintenance and support, as well as a 24-hour monitoring center that acts as your home’s backup monitoring service, always ensuring that your home is well protected.

Our security solutions are long-term investments, because we ensure that your home is always protected through a complete security system consisting of our reliable security solutions and security devices. We provide pre- and post-sale consultations, support, and post-sales maintenance to ensure that your house and loved ones are secured even after your purchase with us.

Now that we have covered the basics of security solutions, what security solutions should you invest in to protect your home, business, and family?

Security solutions that act as deterrence

The first reason why you should invest in a security solution that we would like to share with you is that a security system can act as a deterrence. This should be your first line of defense against burglars. Burglars who are aware of security systems and security devices installed at targeted premises will think twice before they attempt to break-in.

It is recommended to invest in a reliable security system from trustworthy security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia, who are pioneers in the security industry for over 30 years. When you choose to purchase SECOM Smart Malaysia’s services and security solutions, you will be provided with our trademark brand decal, which upon placement at the front of your home, acts as your first layer of defense.

When SECOM Smart Malaysia is your chosen security provider, not only are you protected with our name and trademark decal, but also through our reliable security devices such as our wide range of sensors for your every security need; services, and security solutions such as our 24/7 monitoring call center, pre- and post-sale customer service and support. These will send burglars running!

2. Outdoor security solutions

Outdoor security solutions should not be neglected. Equipping your home with both indoor and outdoor security solutions provides your home with a complete integrated security system. Additionally, intruders typically try to break-in to homes from the outside. Therefore, investing in an outdoor security system is recommended for your home and business.

You can count on us, SECOM Smart Malaysia to provide you with a complete security system for your home or business. You can build a protective wall of defense in guarding your family and business from our vast security solutions selections.

For example, our outdoor motion sensors, boundary guard and CCTV cameras can help you detect any unexpected movement around your property. Once you have armed your security system, a motion sensor will detect any unexpected movement, and will send a signal to your SECOM Smart Security Phone app. You could then visually check through the CCTV camera feed in real-time, or physically check your premises, to confirm such occurrences. In addition, our outdoor sirens can be armed to respond to these sensors, by emitting a piercing alarm tone that will send burglars running away. With these security devices combined, your home perimeter is protected by our comprehensive security system.

Safeguard the inside and outside of your home and business with SECOM Smart Malaysia’s security solutions to provide a well-rounded security system for your security needs.

3. Indoor security solutions

Safeguarding your loved ones usually also starts from your home. Necessary safety measures should be taken to secure the inside of your homes or businesses. There are a wide variety of security solutions and security devices to invest in in adding an additional layer of protection to your homes and businesses.

We at SECOM Smart Malaysia are confident in our indoor security solutions, that will be your primary defense to fully safeguard your belongings and loved ones. Once armed, our indoor security solutions and systems are primed to notify you and our 24/7 monitoring center of any unexpected motion in your property; with this feature, you and our 24/7 monitoring center can then investigate and confirm if the alarm was caused by an intruder. This allows the time to swiftly respond to any intruders and prevent further accidents from happening.

For example, by placing our indoor motion sensors and CCTV cameras in strategic locations at areas of surveillance in your home, you can keep track of unexpected movements through visual confirmation and sensor alerts. Any tampering with our sensors or CCTV will send an alert to you via our security app and 24/7 monitoring team. In case of power outage, SECOM Smart Malaysia’s alarm system is still functional through its backup battery, so that your investments in our security solutions will pay off. SECOM Smart Malaysia also provides other security devices such as our panic button for times of suspect while at home. Upon confirmation by you with our monitoring team, respective actions will be taken to combat such attempts. Providing you with a complete indoor security system.

It is recommended to invest in such indoor security solutions to safeguard and protect your home and loved ones. Invest in our security solutions today to provide a better future for your family and business.

4. In-Panic App

Another security solution that is recommended to invest in is in-panic app feature. There are many security phone apps out there, but only SECOM Smart Malaysia provides a built-in live in-Panic app.

This feature provides you direct connection to our 24/7 monitoring team, to alert them in the event of a crisis, such as a medical emergency, fire, burglary or even hostage situations.

This security solution is beneficial for users who wish to discretely ask for help in times of emergencies. With SECOM Smart Malaysia, our 24/7 monitoring team are prepared in the event of a hostage situation, thanks to our silent panic app feature. With SECOM Smart Malaysia’s in-app panic button, you can prevent additional physical, financial, and even emotional damage to your family, loved ones, employees, and stakeholders.

To summarize, our in-app panic button provides additional value into your security investment, ensuring a well secured security system for your homes and businesses.

5. 24/7 Monitoring Service

We at SECOM Smart Malaysia believe that security solutions should not just end with devices and advanced technology. We strongly believe that a comprehensive security system should also include professional and precise human judgment. The human factor is still a factor that should not be dismissed completely from a security system as it is still a critical part of any airtight security system.

Take for example, upon triggering the in-app panic button at home while having an intruder lurking around, due to the nature of the incident, our 24/7 monitoring center can help confirm the severity of the incident and help guide you while emergency services and authorities take action.

When you invest in our security solutions and service, you are also investing in our qualified call center and 24/7 monitoring service.

Our monitoring service is specialized in swift response to any alert signals from any of our armed security devices.Once you have armed your security system, when the sensors detect unauthorized movement in your property, our call center will be notified, and will check back with you to confirm that you know about movement or activity in your property.

6. Fire Alarm

Another security solution that you should invest in is fire alarm systems. This includes smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

Apart from preventing and stopping crime from entering your homes, hazards such as fire should also be at bay. A complete security system would also include fire alarm systems along with the abovementioned 24/7 monitoring service.

With SECOM Smart Malaysia, you can get both security solutions to further enhance your home’s security system. Investing in our smoke detector and other listed security solutions above can help avoid additional property damages and cost from incurring while you are away or at home.


All these security solutions work collectively in providing a complete security system in safeguarding your home, loved ones, and businesses.

When you invest in SECOM Smart Malaysia’s security solutions, you invest in a security system that covers all your bases and provides you with maximum support. Investing in a reliable and trustworthy security supplier such as SECOM Smart Malaysia guarantees protection onto your family’s wellbeing, wealth, and assets from now well into the future. Do not be penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to investing in security solutions for the wellbeing of your home and loved ones.

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