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Criteria to consider when choosing a security provider for home security needs

Criteria to consider when choosing a security provider for home security needs

Burglary and break-ins are not rare in Malaysia.

Thanks to modern day technology and abundance in security services and providers in Malaysia, there has been a downward trend in Malaysia’s crime rate from 2015 to 2020 (Source: Malaysia statistic dept: Vol_12_Num_2.pdf ( page 17 under key findings). However, crime still prevails every day and it is still a recommendation to have safety measures in place to guard your home.

Securing your home with a respectable and reliable security provider goes a long way in protecting your family and loved ones. Choosing an unreliable security provider can have adverse effects in its initial function onto your family and loved ones. Scams, such as online scams are on the rise in Malaysia specifically during the pandemic with a total of 71,833 scams and losses over RM5.2 billion lost to scams reported from 2020 to May 2022.  (Source: PDRM: Over RM5.2 billion lost to scams in two years | The Edge Markets). Going with a reliable security provider with proven expertise in security services can help curb such losses incurred from unreliable security providers or scams.

We will cover on the criteria to consider in choosing a security provider for your home security needs.

1. Reliable technology and support

Choosing a security provider that has reliable technology and support for your security needs is crucial in ensuring that the installed safety measures are durable, long lasting, and functioning smoothly. It is recommended to make sure that the security services and solutions provided by your chosen security provider is available 24 hours a day and is durable in times of emergencies accessible to all family members.

Reliable security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia’s wide selection of security solutions and devices are designed to withstand harsh weather. Our door sensors, motion sensors and wireless keypad have long lasting battery lifespan that can last between 4-6 years. Our outdoor siren is waterproof to withstand the harsh wind and rain and our vibration sensors have remarkable power and sensitivity to distinguish between forces such as drilling with harmless low-frequency vibrations of wind gusts. These devices are organized under SECOM Smart Malaysia’s supervision as safety measures that synergistically safeguard your home and loved ones.

We also provide professional technical support throughout the entire process of setting up your home security system and beyond. Making sure that your home’s security need is well taken care of.

2. Reputability and experience as a home security provider

It is always advisable to go with a security provider that is reliable and has a reputation for its services. A reputable security provider such as SECOM Smart Malaysia would be able to consult and advise you based on their expertise to meet your security needs. SECOM Group has won the Forbes 2022 Global 2000 awards for one of the largest companies as service providers for security In addition, we have decades of experience in security service to the Malaysian community.

SECOM Smart Malaysia is 100% group company of the SECOM Group, the No. 1 security company in Japan, with decades of experience in providing home security options for every homeowner’s security needs. As of September 2022, the SECOM Group has provided reliable security services to over 3.6 million customers globally. We are a trusted and credible security provider who is committed to providing reliable security services that are up to Japanese precision standards.

3. Monitoring feature

When your house alarm goes off, you won’t see the police right at your doorstep. This is because alarm systems do not immediately notify respective authorities. A monitoring station provided by your security provider would contact respective authorities if they are unable to contact the homeowner. If and when an emergency strikes, a monitoring service provides you with the time needed to identify and respond to threats.

Choose a security provider with a monitoring or call center that provides the above features in contacting respective authorities when a potential intrusion is suspected to take place.

Not all security providers have such monitoring features. SECOM Smart Malaysia is one of the security providers that provides a 24-hour central monitoring service which works as a backup for the security of your home. Our call center would firstly confirm with you upon detection of a possible threat by our alarm sensors. They would then contact respective authorities to attend to your emergency.

This monitoring feature is also beneficial for post break-in cases. Usually, a police report is filed upon break-in. Depending on the monitoring services provided, some monitoring services can produce an activity log for further smoother processing with regards to mentioned police report and insurance claims. An extra value to existing safety measures in protecting your family and loved ones.

The mentioned service provided by the monitoring feature is also a security service provided by SECOM Smart Malaysia. In addition, our alarm and control panel have a backup recovery plan in times of power outage, which would still allow them to function, providing a lifeline to our 24 hours monitoring services during power outages. Our panic button also functions as a recovery plan in times of telephone service outages in contacting respective authorities in times of emergencies.

This feature is a critical criterion that you should consider when choosing a security provider in providing you security services to cater for your home’s security needs.

4. Responsive and expert support available

When your home security system is down, the question of how fast support can be sent to you to fix this issue comes to mind.

Responsiveness and credible expert support is crucial in overcoming such sudden failures in your security system. You want to be able to have your home’s security system up and running as soon as possible.

Reliable security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia provides this reassurance that expert support will be provided during such times. Our 24-hour monitoring center boasts among the fastest response times of all security monitoring centers in Malaysia, and our 24-hour tech support teams are certified professionals, with years of experience, will address any technical security concerns or emergency alerts from you or your security alarm system. Be at ease, knowing that security providers such as SECOM Smart Malaysia will be by your side throughout emergencies.

5. Provision of well-rounded services

Choosing a security provider that has a wide range of security services available to guard against all sorts of hazards such as intrusion, fire and environmental hazards are ideal. It is recommended to equip your home with suitable security services and solutions in ensuring that your home is fully protected with your chosen security provider. Limiting your home’s security measures to only security devices lowers your home’s crime deterrence rate, putting your home at greater risk.

SECOM Smart Malaysia, a trusted security provider, provides a wide variety of security service packages to guard against these hazards. Our smoke detectors will help prevent fires from starting, motion sensors that pick up even the slightest vibration or movement for early prevention of intrusion and so much more! While you might not need all these functions today, security needs often change over time, so it is best to pick a security provider like us, who have a well-rounded arsenal.

6. Privacy protection

Privacy to many of us is a key essential determinant in deciding on a security provider to go with.

The issue of entrusting a security provider with your house details and data is a big taboo to many.

Some “fishy” security providers could promise data privacy protection when using their security service but could do the opposite of such without user’s knowledge and permission. It is incredibly crucial to choose a reliable and trustworthy security provider that provides encryption and privacy protection in their security services contracts and devices. Privacy protection is also a part of your security needs and rights.

We at SECOM Smart Malaysia will ensure that your privacy is still protected when you use our wifi CCTV cameras. Our CCTV cameras are secured by VPN, with all recorded footage being locked into a dedicated, encrypted private cloud server. Worried that someone will hack and tamper with your security footage? Your security recordings will be stored in this secure encrypted cloud server as well. In addition, we provide access primarily to the user, who can change who has access to the CCTV through the online portal In this era, always choose security providers who safeguard your online privacy.

7. Clear process and contract

Don’t be fooled into an agreement that doesn’t have your best interests and security needs at heart. Be wary of too-good-to-be-true low-cost or free services that might end up biting you in the back with additional fees and initial costs when signing on a home security contract with your security provider.

With SECOM Smart Malaysia, we will disclose our information accurately to our customers so that you know you are getting your money’s worth when choosing us as your security provider. We will ensure that the process from start until end of purchase is clear and concise. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information about our services as we are more than happy to help with any enquiry we receive.

We will also review your contract step by step with you, in making sure that the terms and conditions are suitable and agreeable to you. Do not worry if you are moving your security service from one property to another as we will assist you in reinstallation into your new property.


To safeguard your family and loved ones, safety measures should be taken to help secure your home. There are a few criteria one needs to consider when choosing a home security provider that meets their security needs as listed in this article.

SECOM Smart Malaysia is reputable and reliable security provider that meets all the criterion listed above. We hope that this article has helped you with your journey of choosing a security provider for your housing security needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and why you should choose us as your security provider.

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