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Why choose SECOM Smart Malaysia for your home security needs

Why choose SECOM Smart Malaysia for your home security needs

In our previous article, “criteria to consider when choosing a home security provider for your home”, we highlighted some criteria one should consider when choosing a home security provider for their home that meets their security needs in a cost-effective manner.

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy security provider that is always available to reach out when emergency support is needed is crucial in securing your home and loved ones. Finding a security provider that understands your security needs and provides precisely and cost efficiently, and flexible security management systems that caters to your home security need can sometimes be a challenge.

Look no further as SECOM Smart Malaysia is just about the right security provider to help you overcome this challenge.

We are Japan’s leading security brand with over 6 decades of experience in providing Japanese standard security services, specializing in crime prevention. We are a trusted security provider globally, providing countless security precision that meets your security needs.

Benefits of choosing SECOM Smart Malaysia

1. Wide Variety of safety measure and features

SECOM Smart Malaysia offers a wide variety of security options and safety features that caters to your every security need, for both business and homeowners.

We offer 24-hour monitoring services, as well as alarm systems with a variety of sensors to ward off intruders and alert you of suspicious activities in and around your home. For example, our door sensors are designed to monitor the opening and closing of windows or doors and are used to alert you of any irregular activities. They are designed to fit in with any home layout, big or small. Other sensors, such as motion sensors, are also used to detect motion and are designed to effectively reduce signal collisions and improve battery life. These motion sensors, when you have armed the security system through our keyfob or SECOM Smart Security app, will be able to alert you of any unexpected movement in your home, through the highlights feature of the Smart Security app and via alarm.

Furthermore, SECOM Smart Malaysia also provides central 24-hour monitoring services as backup 24-hour monitoring surveillance onto your home. When asleep, our central 24-hour monitoring service will be on guard monitoring any suspicious activities into, in, and out of your home.

We also offer wifi CCTV systems that have longer lasting video transmission, providing live footages of your house, and many more features and security management systems to help protect and safeguard your home, family, loved ones, and businesses. Live feed from our wifi CCTV system is available for viewing on your mobile devices, via the SECOM Smart Security app.

Enquire today to learn about our wide variety of flexible systems and safety measures for your home’s security needs.

2. Cost-efficient

In addition to our wide variety of flexible systems and safety measures, SECOM Smart Malaysia also provides value-for-money security management systems that fits all of your home security needs.

We do not only provide security services and packages as investments to guard your assets and valuables long term but also provide security packages that suit your every security need and budget. For example, if your budget is limited and you reside in an apartment, our Prime security package, which costs RM100 per month, supplies you with wifi CCTV cameras to cover and record movements around your home, functioning as your home’s crime deterrence bodyguard.

If you decide to invest in much more comprehensive security packages, Smart Insurance that covers any financial damages to the security system and device is also provided by SECOM Smart Malaysia on top of the wider variety of available security solutions. You do not need to spend extra to maintain your home’s security system and devices purchased from SECOM Smart Malaysia with Smart Insurance. Use our brand proudly with our cost-efficient packages!

3. Customizable packages based on security needs

Our packages are also customizable based on your home’s security needs, according to your priorities. Customize your security package with the devices and security systems you desire based on primary priority in security risks, followed by budget and personal preferences with SECOM Smart Malaysia.

For example, if your home contains a yard and is within reach of other residents and their properties, our security consultants will survey your property, then only advise you on which security package would provide the best coverage for your home security needs. Our security consultants will advise you accordingly for much more comprehensive packages that provides security devices such as indoor and outdoor alarm sensors, CCTV cameras, boundary sensors, and an outdoor alarm siren for a larger house with a yard, front garden and outdoor recreation area such as swimming pool area.

On the other hand, if your property is an apartment, our security consultant may advise a basic package which provides wifi CCTV cameras to help monitor your doorway, windows, and any areas with valuables, such as money, jewelry, or confidential documents. With us at your side, you can choose a flexible system and the correct combination of security solutions that meets your home security needs.

You can also customize the number of users you wish to have access to your security system and points of trigger for your alarm system with SECOM Smart Malaysia. Giving you full access in controlling your security management’s access and trigger points. A customizable and flexible system for your convenience.

In short, with SECOM Smart Malaysia, you can customize your package and user access based on personal preferences and security needs. Our team of experts will also advise you accordingly based on your home security needs, priorities, and customize your security plan respectively.

4. 24-hour support available

SECOM Smart Malaysia is one of the few security providers that has a 24-hour monitoring center on-site, ready to answer any calls for emergency support. In times of need, we are by your side to provide the support you need.

Our in-panic feature, located on our SECOM Smart Security app, is also designed to call for emergency support via our 24 hours monitoring service, in times of emergencies. Our central 24-hours monitoring service is constantly monitoring your home from afar especially when emergency support is required. For example, our 24-hour monitoring motion sensors or vibration sensors would detect any forceful break in through your window while you are away from home. Should any of the sensors be tampered with by the intruder, an alarm signal will be sent through the security system’s network to our 24-hour monitoring center, who will then contact you to of such incidents; if they can’t reach you, our monitoring center will then alert respective authorities and or emergency services.

Our 24-hour support is also available to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding our security systems or devices. A great option for the elderly who might find these systems overwhelming.

Remember, we are only a phone call away.

5. Expert advice and installation

To get the most coverage out of our security systems and devices, advice from experienced professionals will take you very far.  Should you be interested in our security systems or services,  our team of experts will first survey your housing area followed by professional consultation based on their expertise and years of experience. Our team of experts will make sure that your security needs and concerns are met before your final decision. Your customer satisfaction is our priority.

Once a decision has been reached, rest assured that the chosen security system would be installed by our team of experts. We ensure that your security management system is up and running smoothly. Take control of your home’s safety with us today.

6. Reliable brand

SECOM Smart Malaysia has more than 2 decades of experience in providing reliable security solutions to meet your every security need.

We provide you with emotional assurance that your home and loved ones are always protected. Our reliable brand protects you physically and emotionally. During intrusion, you can avoid confrontation with intruders with our security services and solutions to prevent further infliction of harm onto you and your loved ones.

When you choose SECOM Smart Malaysia as your security provider, you can rest easy knowing that our trained personnel and comprehensive security systems will help you secure your home, your loved ones and lifestyle. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime should an issue arise whilst using our brand services.


SECOM Smart Malaysia is dedicated in bringing you excellent and precise security service for your every security need.

We offer a wide variety of security services that are customizable based on your business and home security needs. Our services are also affordable and cost efficient, with expert consultation and installation provided at your convenience. Emergency support is also provided as we help safeguard what matters most to you.

Protect what matters most to you, with us today!